Thursday, July 28, 2011

Manna Pro - All Natural Fly Repellent for Horses, Dogs, & Cats - REVIEW

As everyone knows I have horses and my biggest task in the summer time is finding a repellent that keeps those pesky flies away from them while they are outside. This year I was on a mission to find a repellent that was all natural. I had started to have bad feelings about the repellent I was using once I read the bottle and it contained hazardous warnings and keep away from children. Here I had been using this product on my dogs and horses for years. Not anymore - that product that contains toxins that could harm my horses was going to meet it's maker and no longer be supported by myself.

Yesterday I stopped to pick up a few things at a local Country Max store and saw a few bottles of all natural fly repellent. I stood there for a good half an hour reading the labels of the bottles. Some of which where not all natural at all, while others were indeed just that "all natural" ingredients.  I decided on the Manna Pro All Natural Repellent and purchased a bottle to try. The price was reasonable at $11.99 per pint sprayer, while others were $20 and more. Manna Pro is known for its award winning horse products and feed. I have previously, and still do, feed my horses Manna Pro Rice Bran Powder. The Powder helps put weight onto the horses without making them "hot". By saying hot I mean hyper and full of energy. Bailey is such a hard one to keep weight on that the Rice Bran Powder does wonders for him! Seeing I already had a history of knowing Manna Pro's amazing feeds I figured the fly repellent was going to be just as good.

Come to find out Manna Pro has launched a line of coat products called Calm Coat that are specifically made with all natural ingredients. They truly are all natural with such ingredient as citronella, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, cedar oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil with a touch of cloves! This product smells amazingly good. I was super impressed to read the bottle and see nothing but a handful of ingredients all of which I could properly pronounce!

Seeing I was already going to be stopping at the farm to drop off the feed I also took a walk out to both pastures to try this repellent on both horses. We have had a pretty hot summer so far which was preceded by the rainiest spring we have had on record and I swear the flies were just huge this year.  Not only huge but they were ten times worse than normal. Flies and Mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases from horse to horse so it is imperative that I have a repellent that works, this product did that job. Not only did it meet my expectations but it beat them!

I first sprayed Lily from head to tail and all the way down all four of her legs and then walked over to Bailey's pen and sprayed him also. I noticed that instantly as I began to spray each horse all the flies that were on them or circling around them took off. That was the first good sign, the second was the scent. It smelled so good and the clove smell was just enough it was not over powering at all. I continued to go unload the rest of the things I had to drop off and put tack back in it's place. Approximately a half an hour later I walked back out by both horses to check on them and NO FLIES! WOW! I was sold on this product right then and there. Not only were there no flies around either horses but neither of them were swishing their tails are shaking the heads to get flies off them. They were both indeed very calm out there in fly land. As long as Manna Pro keeps producing this product they will have a very loyal customer on hand. My next task is to find it discounted in cases in order to stock up for the pesky fly season that I feel will go well into October this year.

Thank You Manna Pro for finally listening to us consumers who were looking for something all natural! Job well done and another loyal consumer is gained!

More information about Manna Pro Calm Coat line of products for horses, dogs, and cats,  can be seen here

Disclosure: I did not receive any type of compensation for writing this review. I had bought and paid for this product with my own money.


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  2. Euro Forge Inc is proud to provide an elite farrier service in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Diego counties with customer service and professionalism that meets the customers expectations.


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