Monday, July 25, 2011

The Snow Blower Incident

What was supposed to be a weekend of fun activities with friends from High School turned into a nightmare of a drama scene with a family member. Big families surely have their issues, but why does it seem mine has more than average.  My Mom is the second youngest of seven, there are six girls and one boy.. there are 6 of them still alive. I lost an Aunt back in the early 70's (before I was even born) to a car accident. I was always told growing up I looked like no one in my Mom's family, but after seeing pictures of my deceased Aunt I never met I looked just like her! If you are on my Facebook personal page I'm sure you've seen the posts and then the answer posts from the cousin causing drama.  Drama over a snow blower that he does not own nor did he pay a penny towards owning.  This snow blower in question is my Mom's. It was always kept in my cousin's garage across from my old house because we did not have a garage.  The deal was he would pay her half for it and well that deal never happened, he never gave her a penny of that half.  The second part of the deal was stored in his garage and both drive ways would get done.  That part of the deal is the only one that seemed to work, that is if it was my MOM who would go out and do the driveways because everyone knows my cousin was too lazy to do them!

To make a long story short. We left the snow blower when we moved and the plan from the get go was to put it in my friend Kenny's garage or shed.  At least if it was there I know it would not get broken, stolen, or abused.  The first time we went to get it along with some horse crates, plants, and my bike my cousin got it out of the garage put it in the driveway and then began to create a scene.  He is insistent that he paid half for it and that why would it go some place and not get used when it can stay there and get used.  Well now we weren't across the street NO ONE was going to use it.  This is my Mom's decision, I was only going with the truck to pick it up for her.  So that time we left, without the snow blower.  Come to find out that while my cousin was out of town he had put the snow blower in the backyard under a blue pool. Was he nuts? The street has been robbed 4 or 5 times since we left. See my dogs were the watch dogs of that end of the street, no one got bothered because the dogs were always on the ball... 4 days after us being gone my old neighbor two houses over was robbed blind, they even robbed every piece of food in the fridge! YES this is a majority of the reason we were leaving, it was not safe there anymore. Well, back to the snow blower - I had gone by at 2am one night just to make sure it was still there and indeed it was.

Now due to a busy week Kenny couldn't go get the snow blower during the week while my cousin was still out of town... but we did manage to make it to get it on Saturday morning. This time, I had my Mom meet us there when we got it, thinking he won't argue with her and WOW was I dead wrong.  My cousin was insisting he paid half for that snow blower and that it should stay at his house and why is it going to someone else. He honestly believes it was going to Kenny's house as a gift, that we were giving him the snow blower. Hello Kenny owns his own house he also has his own business and has his own snow blower, a pick up he could put a plow onto, and also a riding mower he could put a plow on to what would he want our snow blower for? This whole episode not only made a scene at his house but also bled over on to Facebook wall posting. See my cousin is one of those that posts everyone's business on his Facebook wall... big big  mistake.. then he wonders why his girlfriend or boy's Mother has all this ammo to throw at him.  He hangs himself with it all. He is going around telling his friends, who know nothing about this situation that my Mom stole his snow blower. Sad part is, we still have stuff in his basement that now I'll have to go get on Wednesday and also take the police with me to insure if he starts again this time he gets arrested. I have all the paperwork in order with all the appliances... just a waiting game. UHaul is going to love me after all these rentals I've been doing the past month!

Do you know how to handle a situation like this with family? My theory is to walk away and that is just what I did. I deleted him off Facebook and as far as I'm concerned he is no longer my family.  His Mother is my God Mother and was always the Aunt I was closest too and his brother is the one getting married in September... I'll still go meet my Aunt at the casino on occasions, but as for the brother's wedding... I am NOT going to that.  A few drinks and the drama show will be banging in full effect! There are many of my family members over the years that have wronged my Mom over jealous and I too will not talk to them either, so just add another one to the list! I wish this non sense on no one. I wish everyone's family got along, but what gets me the most is that my friends act more like my family then my own family has over the years... You can choose your friends you cant' choose your blood - how true that saying is!

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