Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surviving the School Year

We are already starting to see the Back To School ads coming out, WOW July and we are already thinking about back to school already.  Amazing how the summer just flies by.  Sticking to the theme of back to school I have composed a few Back To School survival tips for families.

1. Create a budget for supplies and stick to it! Or even better create a budget for your child and let your child do their Back To School shopping.  This helps them appreciate how a budget works and lets them pick out what they would like.  Some schools mandate certain supplies be bought, if this is your case then shop for deals.  There  are a ton of deals out there through many websites that can help you save money on your Back-To-School budget.

2. Be Patient! Going back to school can sometimes be stressful for children, especially those that are moving into a new school. Little ones will have questions and will want to show how proud they are of the work they have done.

3. Don't hesitate to ask for help! There are many websites out there now a days that can assist parents and students with home work questions. I know some of the math now a days is not something I remember looking at, it makes you want to pull out your hair trying to help them.. again back to have patience and ask for help when needed.

4. Get to know your children's teachers! This is very very important. If the teacher has an email system to keep parents up to date on school activities make sure your email is up to date and current.

5. There is nothing wrong with taking a family vacation during the middle of the school year! This allows for both parents and children to get a much needed release from the stressful-ness that some school years bring!

6. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Support your children in all their activities and encourage them to do their best. Even if their best is a C, it is still none the less their best!

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