Monday, July 11, 2011

Twitter Parties & New Calendar

Hello Everyone!! Just a quick post to let everyone know the situation. as of July 1st, due to lack of resources, is NO longer updating their twitter party calendar. So on that note and a huge brainstorm I have added a Calendar to my blog page, which can be seen under Twitter Parties Tab on my home page.

Along with this calendar I have recruited some help and set preferences so some people can add, manage, change, and delete party info. I am also trying to work on a calendar that will allow one click link to take you to party page info, but for the mean time you will have to cut and paste website addresses to get onto RSVP or/and party info pages (I apologize for this, but out of my control right now)

Link to the calendar page is  Twitter Party Calendar

Please if you have party info or are a host wishing to add your party to the calendar simply send a tweet to any of the following twitter Id's @UnKatchable73 @4evamamii @mellanhead @sweepsmama . You can also send your info to  Include your party info page site or link to your twitter page if the party info has no RSVP and is just tweeted out with no page information...

I am also looking for sponsors to help assist with the offset of the cost to keep the calendar going. A PR Media kit will become available as soon as I can get it together. I will include ads, banners, and company logos into the calendar page for set cost ranges.  We are also going to be accepting donations through Paypal from fellow tweeps that wish to donate to keeping the calendar alive and updated! This calendar will be to the benefit of all of us party going participants! If you wish to donate please send an email or DM myself, @UnKatchable73, and I will send you back the PayPal address in which you can donate. When sending donations via PayPal please include in the subject line - Twitter Party Calendar. I will be transferring all donation and sponsor money into a separate account specifically for the calendar upkeep. Please be patient with party info getting posted, this is a big task that we have taken on almost over night.

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and to follow the calendar!

Credit for helping me with adding party info goes to Linda Brooks (@4evamamii) Jeannine Mellan (@Mellanhead) and Shannon (@sweepsmama or sethandshannon1).

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