Monday, August 8, 2011

Dirt Devil Power Reach PET Upright Vacuum - REVIEW

I was in the market for a new vacuum that had a price that would fit into my budget. After many  nights of researching I settled on the Dirt Devil Power Reach PET Upright Vacuum.  I purchased this vacuum on for $99.95 plus free shipping. I had used $80 in Amazon credits I had, so the out of pocket expense was almost $20. I couldn't pass up this deal when this vacuum had a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon! I had check on Dirt Devil's website and read about the features and accessories and they are as follows:

    • No Loss of Suction
    • Multi-Stage Cyclonic Filtration
    • 14-Inch Cleaning Path
    • HEPA Media Filter
    • Carbon Filter
    • 5-Position Height Adjustment
    • Bottom-Empty Dirt Cup
    • Premium Stretch Hose
    • 12-Foot Cleaning Reach
    • 24-Foot Power Cord
    • 12.0 AMPS
    • 3 Year Warranty
    Included Accessories:
    • Electrostatic Dusting Brush
    • Electrostatic Turbo Tool®
    • Extra Long 12-Inch Crevice Tool
    • 16-Inch Extension Wand
As soon as FedEx dropped off the box I had to open it and give it a try. We had just moved and the vacuum we had was on its last leg, so I was excited to try this new vacuum considering we have a new place that has wall to wall carpet in every room but the kitchen and two bathrooms along with having three dogs, so it was imperative that I bought a new vacuum! Once I got the vacuum out of the box I inspected it to make sure all the parts were there. There are two screws at the top where the handle attached to it and no other assembly was required.

I plugged in the Power Reach Pet and away I went with the task of vacuuming the downstairs. Immediately I heard the suction power of this vacuum sucking up every in my carpet. I could see the dirt, dust, dander, and even pet hair filling up the dirt cup instantly.  About half way through the downstairs I had stop and empty out the dirt cup. Now while researching this item I was reading that people were having issues with the canister and getting it unhooked and emptied out. There is a button on the top that you push and pull the dirt cup by its handle and it unhooked from the vacuum without any issue, so I could not understand what these other reviews meant when I had no problems. After taking the dirt cup off the vacuum base you can either turn the top lid a quarter turn and remove the filter from the dirt cup and then empty into the garbage can or you can push a button located on the back of the dirt cup and the bottom of it opens up for easy emptying as well. This was great! A button on the back of that opens up the bottom of the dirt cup! Emptying could not have been any easier or simple. Then you just set the dirt cup back on to the vacuum base push and it snaps right back into place. WHEW easy, simple, and I loved that feature!

I then moved to the stairs and figured the use of the pet roller brush attachment would work best. The vacuum was too big to do each stair and this also gave me a chance to test out the attachment tools and the length of cleaning reach. The pet roller attachment worked amazingly well, it was like using a mini version of the vacuum on the stairs. It picked up the hair, dirt, and dander just as the vacuum had done downstairs. I really liked this handy little tool! There was no loss of suction while using the hose and attachments, the suction stayed at normal strength.

It took me about 45 minutes to do the whole house and I emptied out the dirt cup four times. Each time it got easier and easier to just click, grab the dirt cup, click again the bottom lid came open, empty, then set it back onto the vacuum base again with one more click. One thing I did love is the power button is located on the back of the vacuum at the bottom and makes it easy to step on it to turn it on and off. Their are also floor settings for hard wood floors all the way to thick pile carpet. I tried the floor setting to vacuum the tiny hallway we have and it worked just as well as the medium pile setting worked on the carpets.

All in All I am very satisfied with the vacuum and am giving it a 5 star rating! It did exactly what Dirt Devil had promised it would and impressed me the more I used it. I've previously owned pet vacuums that did not work as well as this one did. The price was also something you couldn't beat. It normally sells for $129, but you can find deals and sales on Amazon for brand new ones from $99 to $110. If you own dogs or cats and the hair in the carpet is a problem the Dirt Devil Power Reach Pet is your solution! I am recommending this product to every one of my friends that has pets and needs a good vacuum to get up that pesky pet hair!

Discloure: I was not compensated in any way for this review. The opinions expressed within it are strictly my own. I did purchase the Power Reach Pet with my own money.


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