Monday, August 8, 2011

Right Or Wrong

I really have something that is bothering me a great deal. Every day I do tweet or RT contests on twitter. I read the rules to see how many times a day I can tweet or RT for an entry. I also only use on twitter account. I only get on my jail account for parties when my main account is in jail. I don't use my jail account for tweet or RT contests on twitter. Recently it has come to my attention (well back into my focus I should say) that there are a handful of people who are using multiple accounts to participate in these contests. I'm not too fond of this one bit. I want to win things fair and square and do not believe that cheating should be done, yet here we have those handful of people taking advantage of a system and using 3, 4, and even 5 different names in an attempt to win one prize. Does this up your odds of winning? Or does this up your odds of being caught? One thing I had noticed is every set of rules states in it that you can only use one account and anyone caught using multiple accounts in an attempt to gain more than required entries will be disqualified. Well, this brings me to the next issue... one of those multi using twitter folks won the other day. Won something I have been trying for ten months to win! A Flip Cam... every one knows is doing a RT to win a Flip contest on twitter and every day I take my chances and RT to win.

Now how am I going to win if there are people on there using all different accounts in an attempt to win? This is not fair nor is it legal. They are breaking the rules of twitter contests that are posted. There are a handful of contests in particular that people are cheating on and lately they seem to be the RT contests, eBay RT contest, and Hotelsdotcom RT contest.  This is why I like sweepstakes a little bit more. It levels the playing field, sure there are people that enter for everyone in their household, but if the rules say one per person that is legal I suppose.  This all makes me wonder how were these people raised? Where are their ethics and morals? I was raised with ethics and morals and I stick by them to this day. I was taught it was wrong to cheat, no matter if it was a test, a contest, or your spouse... cheating is WRONG. Am I wrong to think this when I see so many cheating on twitter? There are a handful of honest people on there, but then again that is the advantage of the internet you hide behind a screen and be who you want to be. Not me, I'm as real as they come. If you don't like me on Twitter or Facebook you sure will not like me in person. I am very outspoken and opinionated. I have also noticed that I'm older than many of the ones that are doing the cheating, but being younger is not an excuse.

You will not die if you do not win. Winning is not everything. People need to be thankful they wake up and breathe every morning. That they have a roof over their head, food on the table, and clothing on their back. Having an internet connection is not a necessity, it is a luxury in my opinion. Too many people abuse this luxury and cheat the internet systems that are out there. I can't express how much this eats me alive. I have never cheated on a single thing... not a test, contest, taxes, or even a boyfriend. However, I've been cheated on and it's not a fun feeling nor is it a fun feeling watching all these cheaters on Twitter.  I want a fair crack at winning things just as every one else does, why do people feel the need to diminish my chances of winning when their chances should be exactly the same as mine? Am I a rat? You betcha! When I find out you are cheating a company out of items they are giving away for FREE I'm going to blow you in. There I said it.. YES I will blow you in. These companies spend boatloads of money to giveaway free things they don't have to give away, don't abuse the system and cheat them out of their money! I don't think cheaters would like it if I walked up and took money out of their wallet so don't do it to companies.

Sooner or later cheating will catch up to those groups of people who are doing it and then guess what.. you will be banned from contests and won't have a chance to win anymore things. HA that makes me laugh.. I would love to see every cheater blown in and banned from twitter! Maybe twitter needs to engage in an IQ test prior to letting you sign up or a personality test... if you fail it no account for you! After all Twitter is privately owned so they could do something like that....

Bottom line is this... do you think it is right or wrong to use multiple accounts in an attempt to gain more entries into a twitter RT contest? I think it's wrong... but that is just me I have strong ethics and morals and wish more people would live with them too, because by watching cheaters I think WOW did their parents do a crappy job at raising them and taught them cheating was right? What comes around goes around and Karma will take care of those people who feel the need to cheat the system, rules, and laws that companies put into place for giveaways. One day I will have that Flip cam and when I do I will feel good knowing I did it without cheating or playing the system! I take pride in my wins because I do them fairly, like many do... my wish would be for others to play fairly as well...


  1. Kathy - I agree with you 100% and I have seen it too. Also there is one out there that has a personal account and a blog they enter with and win. I think you know who it is. Friday I was so trying to win a guitar for my husband and I tweeted and tweeted hoping for that win for him. The person who won did not even tweet the contest. I sent a tweet to the company asking how that is possible and of course I have received no reply. The companies don't seem to care. How will they detect cheaters anyway? I hate people who lie or cheat!

  2. Omg to be honest with you it had never even crossed my mind that people do that bc it never crossed my mind for me to do that and I love trying to win things, but I would never jeapordize my personal integrity to do so bc that to me is priceless.

  3. I know exactly who you are talking about and it drives me absolutely crazy! It is not fair and unfortunately it is just so easy to cheat.

    Same way with people who enter to win the non-twitter contests for themselves, husband, mom, grandma, next door neighbor, college boyfriend......


  4. TOTALLY agree with you!! I hate that the bad ppl mess it up for us honest ppl!!:(

    I did win the cam, but I know you aren't talking about me haha..I do always play fair..It's so sad that others don't!!

  5. I can't imagine having more than one Twitter account. I can barely keep up with one!

  6. I don't get it either, and it really bugs me because it doesn't seem these people EVER have to pay for their wrongs and it doesn't even bother them that they are hurting those around them by cheating. So not cool. And I agree with sarah, I can hardly keep up with 1, I am *just* starting to get it and I joined 12/06

  7. I agree, and some companies just do not seem to care.

    Yes the parents did a crappy job, and do these people teach their children the same?

    I have come across a dozen or so people with mult accts-(or at times plying for others in other locations- easy to spot people and will not say how) some say the companies do not care, others play for spouses, imaginary boyfriends, and whoever else they can get away with.

    I have a jail acct I might have to break into for another reason because twitter pulled a booboo when I reported porn and screwed my acct up but it still has never been posted on and its old...had to go search for the acct.

    Play one acct- don't play one then go to the other to retweet that other account then go to the other to tweet again with a retweet for easy entries. Yes, it is true and kathy and I confronted this person, she did not think there was anything wrong with it. There was a person playing two accts at a party and won a big prize, no she did not get the prize pulled, no the sponsor did not care so its up to us. She did a double dipper at a party which people do- they sign in and say hello, and come back with a second jail acct so both are in there. I had someone tell me that is how to increase your chances.

    Wow, isn't it amazing how many people get locked out during a party then are able within minutes to get back to claim when the original name is called- lock out means not being able to post for an hour or so at least.

    I tested and tried just how much I could post in a matter of an hour and got 232 posts in..Yes, I was doing an experiment and my arm was tired and it still did not lock up or out, even though twitter states 200 posts max an hour up to 1000 posts a day.

    So anyone else want to post any of the tricks they have seen or heard through the grapevine? You can email Kathy or dm me on the board we will keep it private if you like..I just want to know if people are aware of all that is going on in twitterland? Thanks Kathy for letting me add this- I am also disgusted b the greedy people who win ipad after ipad, using mult accounts on things- once you win you stop...or maybe Uncle Sam does not know these people play-- everywin is to be reported, and some think that no form and the irs does not know...haha on you. The irs watches more than you know.

  8. I'm telling you I can (watch me jinx myself now) tweet two parties an hour from 8pm until 11pm and still not hit my limit. It's very rare when I do, and I talk and talk and it locks me out of my account for not an hours, but hours! That is how you tell someone is just playing the odds, if their original accounts appears within that party hour they are playing the system and cheating..

    I've just about had my fill of cheaters. I wanted that damn Flip cam so bad. I could really use it and can't afford to dish the money out to buy one right now (or I would have done so by now) I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow one for some videos I had to do and saw the quality was ten times that of the shitty RCA I have. But day in and day out I got my heart broke not seeing my name come up as the winner.. yet day in and day out I saw a handful of people who played nicely win, the rest were all cheaters. Will the one lose her Flip? I think so because the company pulled their own timeline and saw the multiply tweets, not to mention this person tweeted me saying "I only did it for hotels" dumb ass you just admitted in PUBLIC to my followers you are a cheat.

    I love the ones playing the hubby/boyfriend accounts during the day when the male counter part isn't home nor is he even close to a computer. I'm so sick of it and with all these sweepstakes shows coming out these sponsors are going to see all the deceit and it's going to come down to one entry per IP address. I just installed a tracker program on my blog.. so I will get to see how many try to cheat on my giveaways. I have some nice giveaways coming up in the near future and put myself right where I want to be to get into the mix of some really good sponsors too..

    But bottom line, I'm done with the cheaters and YES it is up to us to call them out and let the companies and hosts (ones that care) know who they are and what their names are. I have previously seen someone get turned in for having 10 names tweeting contest and guess what Twitter deleted ALL but the main account, so yes Twitter will delete accounts to those found cheating.. they too have a reputation to keep up. TURN THEM IN TO TWITTER...

  9. I am new to twitter parties and it stinks to even think about all this! I have one facebook account and one twitter...that's it and that keeps me busy enough lol, can't even imagine doing everything on multiple accounts! Hopefully the cheaters get what they deserve..nothing!

    Also hate to see people bragging about winning the same prize over and over when i'm dying to win just one! (an iPad) I only enter what my family can use or what we want and sometimes what I think would make a good gift for someone.

  10. I enter for my partner on national sweeps, but not my whole fam damily like some people I have seen (on one board a lady won 10k for her FUTURE son-in-law, another lady 500 for a niece) how do they have all this time? For twitter and blog entries? No way, too lazy for that and it wouldn't feel right to me.

  11. And thank you for putting together the tweet party calendar, I have had a streak of luck the past week or so. It'll definitely come in handy for my son's upcoming birthday (SHSC82 on SSS)as I am unemployed and a full time student and about to start my supervised field work (internship for human services field)

  12. Wow, I never even thought of using multiple accounts to try and win. Sometimes if I see a contest for a prize I really want to win I send the link to family and ask them to enter and give me the prize if they win :). I just can't imagine entering using different accounts. It seems as though people cheat more but really I don't think it is worse just that it is easier to cheat and cheat over a larger area. Just sad!

  13. I use to assume that people were honest until I started running higher priced giveaways on my blog. I do have two twitter accounts, but one is for everything except for blogging and one is just for people to follow my blogging. I have NEVER been in jail either, and sometimes I have been in twitter parties for 4 hours straight.


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