Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being Appreciative Of Wins

I'm an avid sweeper and I am also pretty sure everyone knows that. I make the point that I am crystal clear to most on my social media pages, to friends, family, and of course my UPS and FedEx guys. I have won so much, so much that I am very appreciative for, but it wasn't until lately that I was just totally blown away by what I've won. There have been two nice wins that I've received within the past week that have really taken my breathe away and made me step back and appreciate all that these companies do for us sweepers/twitter party goers.

Back in August I was in a Twitter Party that @ThriftyChicMom was hosting for @GalleryDirect, the party was #gallerydirect. The prizes in this party were your choice up to a size large art piece on any medium you would like. My gosh the choices were unlimited, there was a gazillion different pieces, frames, and the way the piece was printed combos. I saw an area for Monet and was instantly drawn to it. I have always appreciated Monet 's pieces and right before me was the chance to get one, even if it was just a reprint, I could say I owned a Monet. I choose Monet's Sunflowers printed on Aluminum with a floated frame. I knew this piece would blend well with this townhouse decor as well as go perfectly well above the fireplace in the new house's living room. I can not even begin to tell you how anxious I was to see what it looked like. Everyday I'd be on FedEx's site tracking it to see exactly where it was (YES Gallery Direct gives you a track link). Finally the day it was expected to arrive FedEx Pulls up with a box that was as tall as me (5'8) and approximately four feet wide. I knew my piece was carefully and securely packed within this box. It took me a great deal of time to finally get it out of all the wrapping and box within a box. But the task of unpack-aging it was well worth the surprise once I laid my eyes onto this Monet.

This is my Monet Sunflowers. My Mom is holding it up while I take the picture, she is also 5'8 and this print from bottom to top comes to my chest level. The dog is in the picture is Dylan, he is 77lbs and is a pretty tall guy.. this piece makes him look like a peanut. I haven't been able to stop starring at this piece since taking it out of the box. It is absolutely breathtaking (to say the least) so beautiful, vibrant, colorful, and amazing! At the point of seeing this I truly gained more appreciation for the bloggers, hosts, companies, sponsors, and individuals that work so hard to put together twitter parties. The ARV on this piece (options being printed on Aluminum, Large, floated frame) is $588. I can't stop telling people about it, nor can I wait to hang it up. It is missing the wire on the back to hang on the wall and I'm sure Gallery Direct will take care of that no problem, but while waiting for that we are also in the process of buying a new sofa. So until the old sofa is out, the new one is in, and the room is shifted around I don't want to hang it up and then have to move it again. Once it's hung I just want to sit there and admire it's beauty. I have the perfect track lights in mind to place above this piece to angel light down on it. 

Moving on to my second win that took my breathe away was a glass bottle. Months ago I put in for a Facebook sweep hosted by Rive' USA. Rive' makes eco friendly glass bottles. The bottles feature all different kinds of prints and their slogan is "to make hydration elegant", this slogan is dead on the money for them. I was informed I was a winner and was asked to email them back my choice of bottle. I emailed them back saying Thank You and that my choice was the Savoy Botanical Bliss 16 oz bottle. The colors matched those of my bedroom decor to a tee. Once again today FedEx dropped off another box of awesomeness and what was in it yet again made me appreciate my wins. This bottle is absolutely gorgeous! It is so pretty I didn't want to use it, but I am using it. It stand tall, slim, and printed with the same colors of my room. 
This picture does this glass bottle no justice for the beauty and elegance it has. The outside is frosted and has the purple print on it. The cap turns to open to fill it and the very top turns to open the lid so you can drink out of it. I can see these bottles being used in an elegant restaurant, black tie affair, or even as a wedding favor of sorts. Their ARV is $25 for the Savoy - and you pick your print. 

I am just so thankful for the chance to even win these wonderful items and so appreciative that companies,blogs, brands, and individuals put up these items for us all to win. So them I say THANK YOU. Thank You for all that I've won, with my wins you have gained a loyal customer who loves to brag about the amazing things I've won and get others to try those same products/items. Thank you for putting it into your budget to have a sweep, contest, or twitter party! and of course THANK YOU for allowing me to win.... 

More Information on Gallery Direct's art piece can be seen at

More Information regarding Rive's USA products can be seen at
Rive' USA or their Facebook page at Rive'


  1. those are very nice, I may need to start posting how pleased/thankful on my blog, people
    I hane known forever got downright mean about me posting my wins. I am always amazed and grateful though. I am amazed at how large that print is!

  2. WOOT! Nice stuff! congrats on your wins! I am blessed too and am grateful daily to the companies that give back to us!:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great job on this post, Kathy. Gratitude is such an important quality, and I know that like you, I am always so thankful for all of the unexpected blessings in my life. Congrats again on all of your recent wins, lady.:)

  4. That is beautiful Kathy! I know you love yours as much as I do mine...they are a wonderful company! Congrats...and I bet the winning of the stroller blew you away too :))))

  5. And I have to agree with you about gallery direct. I love my palm tree picture. What a generous company they are. Have already recommended them to a friend who just moved into a new house. They are so wise in their public relations and are really getting their names out there.

  6. Congrats lovely wins. I learned about Gallery Direct from a twitter party and have their website saved to my computer now so when I move eventually I plan on gettin ALL my art from them bit by bit over time. So impressed with them and excited for you that you won such lovely prizes. yay

    I too always personally email, dm and or tweet etc the companies to let them know my gratitude and when the prizes arrive and how much I appreciate them. I figure that is the LEAST I can do. : D

  7. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us! I am @rsmstahley on twitter

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