Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Do You Sweep

While thinking about my daily sweepstakes entries today I thought about an topic, how do others sweep? Do they do daily entries, weekly, instant win games? I came across a friend today and I had asked her if she entered sweepstakes. She said she followed me onto Sweeties Sweeps because she saw me post something on my wall about winning with Sweetie. Wow did this make me smile, it made me smile knowing that I had yet again had an impact on someone else's life by encouraging them to get into sweeping and to quote Sweetie "Win What You Can't Afford". This particular person needs to win, they are very low income and I try to help her out when I can...  So my gift to her is directing her into the right direction to enter sweeps, so she has the chance to win. People like her make me smile when they win, the winners who need the things and appreciate the things they've won. I've had quite a few friends, along with my Mother, follow me onto Sweeties Sweeps FBand even a few paid the yearly fee to join the Sweeties Secret Site. Let me just add, the Secret Site fee is worth it's weight in gold. The first two weeks of being on the site I won a $1000 NFL Buffalo Bills home game ticket package from Bud Light!

But back to the main subject (I do have a tendency to stray off the path, don't I?)To those of you that enter sweeps how do you sweep? Do you do daily entries, weekly, instant win games, every now and then enter stuff? What browser do you use? Chrome, Firefox, Explorer? Do you have an information filling in program, such as Roboform or Norton's Password Manager, or even use Google Chrome Auto-fill? Do these programs and set ups work for you? I currently am using Chrome and have been for a long time now after the issues I had with IE. With Chrome I have extensions added in and also programs piggy backed onto it, one being Roboform. My Chrome and Roboform only like me half the time. Majority of the time since Chrome's update a few weeks ago it doesn't fill in my entire birth date for me or it will put MS instead of NY. I am curious to know what works for everyone else out there entering sweeps. I am going to give Firefox a whirl today using Roboform to enter my daily's and see if it makes the process any smoother and/or any faster. Also, do you use any type of bookmarking system to keep track of what you enter? I use Google Bookmarks.. below is a snapshot of my main page of my Google Bookmarks. Once I enter a sweep into a folder I put the end date into the comments of it so I know when that sweep ends or if I can enter more than once a day. If I win on a one prize per person instant win game I then delete it from that instant win folder...

I have created my own little system that once ran smoothly and now seems to be hitting some snags along the way (thank you Chrome) and it has peaked my interest as to what every one else has for a system to enter sweepstakes.

Remember - if you follow me onto Sweeties Sweeps FB Wall please make sure to let her know that I sent you (Katherine Kennerly) and if you decided to join Sweeties Secret Sweeps please make sure to let her know that Charbalily was the referring person for you to join. I love letting Sweetie know when my followers, friends, and even family members become a follower of her too. It is much like a pyramid program, but at the top is the wins we all strive after. The wins we spend so much time entering to get... those wins that make us all smile!


  1. I so wouldn't know who that person was. ;p

  2. I use a spreadsheet on Open Office to keep all my sweeps organized, I don't trust bookmarks!!

  3. I enter all sorts of things, and have them sorted into bookmarked folders by priority of the ones I "must enter" daily and the ones I enter daily when I have time, depending on the prizes available. I keep a special folder for facebook sweeps, and for weekly sweeps. I'm a sweep geek, I think.

    I just started using Chrome with Autofill the last month or so, before that it was IE and Roboform but my Roboform subscription expired and IE was driving me nuts so I switched it all over to Chrome and I LOVE it!

    This is a very interesting post for me, I love hearing about how others organize their sweeps. I've never used a paid anything, except for the Roboform, and don't plan to, though others swear by those services.

    I'm not very organized with twitter giveaways right now, but my normal thing is to keep them in a spreadsheet, I've just not had the time to put into that lately but will try as the holidays approach and the number of twitter giveaways increases.

  4. I try to enter as many as I can from Sweeties almost daily. I was using IE until it decided to close on me whenever it wants. Then I had Firefox, autofill would not always work, downloaded roboform and the whole thing crashed and will not open properly. I am now using roboform in Chrome with some success. However, like you said, the birthday on mine is always backwards and some of the info. just doesn't post. I don't know how many you enter every day, but freebies4mom.com has a quick daily sweeps list that I use. I am horribly unorganized and have tried excel sheets and bookmarks. Neither one has been a good option for me, so I just do kind of hit or miss, and count on others to be organized for me. I have won close to $2000 in prizes now from mostly Sweeties site since March. Entering is my "full time job" so it takes quite some time and determination!

    I am a member of the "secret" site but I have not won any contests from there.

  5. I used to use Roboform to bookmark my dailies but for some reason they want me to pay now so I pretty much stopped doing them. I use various websites to do my one time entries in the mornings and before I hit the sack I do my instant wins but not always. I'm a member of SSS but haven't been keeping up with it. I started with Freebies4mom and she led me to Sweeties sweeps and from there I just kept going. I have been very unorganized lately but still getting wins regularly. Beginning of August I started tracking my wins and I am up to about 4,500 since then! Had a couple of nice ones! Generally i stick to firefox, don't have many issues with it. This is my job aswell, my family loves when I get packages and they all circle around as I see what goodies have arrived. I love Sweeties motto, "Win what you can't afford" because nowadays I can't afford much at all, it's been bad. The worst is when I get a decent prize and am sometimes forced to sell it (out of my own guilt) because I can't rightfully have something so nice when we have an empty fridge or an electric shut off notice. However when I finally win an iPad, it's all mine! I have spread the word to so many friends and family who have started sweeping and my cousin just had a nice win of a $2,200 cookware set from Rosco Dispirito! Step sister and neighbor just had their first wins from twitter parties and were so excited! Everyone asks how I win, what's my secret....it's dedication!

  6. I actually started getting into sweepstakes through finding Freebies4mom on Facebook. I loved her blog b/c it was great to find great deals/coupons/freebies. I left my teaching career to be a full time mom while my girls are still young, and living on one income in the NYC metro area can be very difficult. I was happy to find Sweetie through freebies4mom, as Heather from there was always promoting sweetie's sites. In January, I decided to join Sweetie's secret site, and I am happy I did. Within the first month I won ski tickets for my hubby and I. Those were the only thing I won from the secret site, but the secret site led me to twitter, and I have met some great people and won some great prizes there. I find that my luck on twitter comes and goes, and right now for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have been in a dry spell. I find that sweeping is a fun hobby (when I have the time to do it) I don't have any real system in place though. I try to only play for things that I need, and am appreciative for anything I win, and if I somehow do win something I can't use...I am happy to pay it forward to someone who can. Good luck to all of us!
    @martiferg on twitter

  7. Before I read any further.. here is the trick to roboform. Do Not put more than 10 passwords into it. In other words don't let it save more than ten password settings and it will remain free, once you get over the 10 it wants you to pay for the service.. so there is tip 1.

    Sarah be persistent... persistence pays off BIG time with sweeping. It does get discouraging when you go a while without wins, but maximize your entries if you have time.. dailys, instant wins, one time entries.

    Martina - that is just how I ended up on Sweeties page, through Freebies4mom (which I have her link info on my blog page as well) I was bored as heck and came across all those sweeps and was like woohoo. I then went onto twitter and then the SSS. It is funny how many of use ended up with Sweetie thanks to Freebies4Mom, Heather is a great lady too!

  8. I have used a lot of sweeps sites over the years and I have to say sweeties is my favorite so far, mainly for the favorite sweeps list feature..but I recently discovered it goes away when you clear your cache.

    I swear joining the paid site sprinkled luck dust on me because I almost won at least once/day the whole month of august and beginning of september. I used to do primarily IWG because they are fun and love the instant gratification, but now I only do a few of those and only ones with prizes I really want.

    I have been switching to more daily and one time entry ones because the prizes are better, and local and mail in ones when I can find them because of the better odds. I really don't have any sort of tracking system, but I really should, especially wins, because I know some prizes have fallen through the cracks, but I can't recall, I have also let a few expire in my emails and found them after the fact.

    I have also been doing a lot more blog and twitter things, they seem more of a pain, but have good odds. I recently set out to win a phineas and ferb game for my son's bday (10-09) and I set up an alert for "enter to win" + phineas and ferb and recently got the email I won the game from dad to divas, score.

  9. Oh and I used to use robo form, but now have google chrome and love their automatic fill in on the browser. Although it doesn't work on all sites. Any idea if roboform works on lucky breaks? Because I hate my info is no longer saved on there. I have been having to log into the winit. sites from my firefox for some reason too..

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