Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Picking The Perfect Christmas Card with Tiny Prints

With October 1st literally just a few days away the smell of fall is in the air. Fall smells make me start to think about the upcoming holiday season. I like to be prepared for the holidays. I have also been the one to think a head of time about what this year's Christmas Card will be. Thanks to Tiny Prints I can already start getting some inspiration for Christmas cards with their Holiday Card line, which I might add is already up on their site and can be seen holiday cards! How exciting of a task to go through the pages of different cards trying to decide which style will be this year's card. So far I have spent well over an hour going through different styles, layouts, and colors and still am very much undecided on which one to choose. However, I have narrowed down my choice to just a few and those few choices I am going to share with my readers today.

My first choice from the Tiny Prints Holiday Card shop is their Patridge Tree card. I think this card is just so adorable with the partridges in it! The colors are vibrant and it just says Hello Holiday Season.  The inside greeting is simple and to the point "Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year". I like the greeting, I am not looking for a lengthy greeting for the holiday cards that are going out to friends and family. Simple to the point and a very pretty card. You can customize the card by changing the front stripe from green, blue, or red. I prefer the green (as shown in picture). This card is available is a 5x7 folded or a 5x7 flat card. I have never sent out flat cards for the Holidays. I am really considering doing this, it just seems so simply elegant with a nice holiday message for those you send it to. With this card alone there are six choices to customize. Are you beginning to see my dilemma on which to choose?

Next on my list of choices is the Yappy Howlidays card. I've always wanted to do a holiday card with Zero on it. I get so many from friends and family with their pets on them, I think it would be cute to do. However I never came across a nice card that I would have considered doing this with until I saw this one. I have the perfect picture of Zero sitting in front of the Christmas Tree that would look great on this card! Not to mention it would show off my character for having a sense of humor and also for the love of my dog Zero. the Yappy Howlidays is a 7 x 5 flat card with one photo and has stripes on the back. Of course there are more layouts to choose from than just this one, but again here is the simple yet nice flat card design that I seem to be coming back to in my choices.

Leading up to my third choice for this year's holiday card is the Winding Wreath. I was instantly drawn to the look of this card and loved how you could choose between crimson (shown), forest green, gold, or brown print. This card just screams elegance to me. The crimson print just says Christmas all over it. The font is beautiful and easy to read. The card has a simply warm message on it and can be customized with the names of the sender. The Winding Wreath card is 5.62 x 7.5 in flat card (are you seeing a theme with my choices in cards). I cant' say enough about this card and keep leaning towards this being the one for this year's holidays, but at the same time I like the diversity of the previous two.  How beautiful is this card, really it to me is almost breath taking and not over powering. Tiny Prints has done a wonderful job with this years holiday choices. I am having such a hard time deciding on which to go with, but I'd like to get them ordered and marked off of my holiday to do list.

Tiny Prints has many more holiday cards offered. You can create your own customization with photos, your own saying, different colored print, and also different font styles all to fit your tastes. As you can see their wonderful wide array of choices is making my choice on a holiday card style a little difficult, yet it is a difficult decision I am glad to have because the quality of these cards is just amazing.

More information about Tiny Prints can be seen here TinyPrints.com and their holiday cards can be seen here Tiny Prints Holiday Cards . Filters on the left hand side make it easier for you to narrow down your selections.

This post is part of Tiny Prints 2011 Christmas Card Blog Campaign. Compensation for this post will be in the form of 50 Christmas Cards of my choice, color, or style. 

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