Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wellness WellBars Snacks for Dogs - REVIEW

A little bit about Wellnss, they are a pet food company that goes above and beyond to create healthy foods for our pets, both for cats and dogs. Their products include dry foods, wet foods, and of course an assortment of treats for our beloved four legged family members. All of their products are made with all natural ingredients, which can be read on every can, box, and bag! These are ingredients I recognize and love the fact my dog is eating products that are not only good for her, but also contain NO meat by products. Attached to every item is an expiration date and also a Wellness Guarantee. The Guarantee states that for any reason if your pet does not like their items to bring back the unused portion, with receipt back to the place of purchase and there will be no questions asked for a full refund or exchange.

I've been on a mission, not to just eat healthy for myself, but to also find good quality dog food and treats for my Zero. Along the way not only did I come across Wellness Pet Food Healthy Mix Dry Dog Food, but also found these... the Wellness WellBars, which I purchased at Pets Plus for $7.98 on sale. It was hard choosing between the flavors they offered because I didn't want to get something Zero was not going to like, so I stuck with the old reliable something with peanut butter in it. Zero can be a picky eater and if she doesn't like a treat she will not even take it or will spit it onto the floor and it will lay there until I either pick it up or one of the other dogs does. I've never seen a dog be such a nit picker when it comes to eating, but they do say our pets take after their owners and well I'm a picky eater myself.

                                                                                                                                              The ingredients of the WellBars with Crunchy Peanuts & Honey are: Ground Barley, Cane Molasses, Ground Brown Rice, Natural Peanut Butter, Chicken Liver, Peanuts, Honey, Oatmeal, Flaxseed, Amaranth, Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Mixed Tocopherols (a natural preservative), and Beta-Carontene.

That list of ingredients sounds yummy to me, I only hope that Zero would feel the same and actually eat these doggy snacks. So on to the task of seeing if these all natural treats would pass the test of my picky eater of a dog Zero. First it was the sniff to check them out, then it was OK I'll take it. As you can see in the picture there she lays sniffing it thinking do I want to eat this?  She indeed did eat these WellBars and after one looked at me like "can I have another?" So the Wellness WellBars with Peanuts & Honey did indeed pass the test of my picky eater Zero. She loved them! And I love knowing that they are all natural goodness for her.

My recommendations - If you are looking for a healthy all natural snack for your dogs the Wellness WellBars are it. Zero seemed to love them and that makes me very happy. Wellnss dog snacks can be found at both Pets Plus and PetsMart. 

For a list of more all natural snacks for your dog you can visit Wellness Pet Foods website at They can also be found on Twitter at @Wellnesspetfood . Their twitter people are just great and if you tweet them a question they will surely answer you right away. I want to Thank Wellness for producing a line of foods and treats for my dogs. I feel better knowing that my dogs are not eating stuff that is not good for them.

Disclaimer:This review was not paid for nor endorsed by Wellness Pet Foods. I purchased the WellBars with my own money at Pets Plus for $7.98 on sale. All opinions expressed within this review are of my own thoughts, feelings, and words

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