Friday, October 21, 2011

Diamond Candles - REVIEW

Diamond Candles v-blog REVIEW 

More information on Diamond Candles can be seen at

All opinions expressed in this video are of my own thoughts and feelings. I purchased the Harvest Blend Candle from Diamond Candles for the price of $24.95. I was not compensated in any manner for my opinion nor was this review endorsed or asked by Diamond Candles to be done


  1. Had always wondered about those. Thanks for review. Looks like it would make a cute gift!

  2. Heather the scents are awesome. The strawberry bliss smelled so good, but once I had it lit it was kind of over powering to me. I heard awesome things about the Apple Slice being a nice scent. The Lavender Lemon just rocks... I am a little disappointed in the Harvest Blend, it smelled so good when I opened it and when I dug out the ring, but since it's been burning I smell nothing at all... might try the Vanilla Cream or Pumpkin Chai next..

  3. For the record... my wick comments, I re-lit this new one and the wick did not pop. So they fixed the issue I had talked to CS about...the noise in the background when I'm digging out the ring is Zero she is throwing her dog food all over the floor out of her bowl.. oh yeah she made a huge mess while I was doing this, dog food every where!

  4. How long would you say they burn for?


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