Monday, October 3, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards & Disc Registration

I am an avid collector of the Disney Movies, mostly the classics, but when a new movie comes out that isn't of the animated series I am likely to buy it, such as the Pirates series or Secretariat. I've always collected Disney movies, I had a huge collection of VHS tapes that I sold to a friend who has a daughter with a disability so she could watch them. She is confined to a wheelchair and heck they were going to her. I sold the whole collection for a quarter of what I could have gotten for it with a major collector, but after all I wasn't out to make money. I honestly just wanted to convert my collection to DVDs. In doing so as one is released from the vault I'll go and buy it. Now with all the hype of them all being released on Blu-Ray I've started buying the newer releases on Blu-Ray. But with buying Disney movies comes Disney Movie Rewards and also disc registration.

I knew about the Movie Rewards thanks to a freebies site. I always saw the little star on the disc jacket, but never paid it no mind until a freebies site brought it to my attention a year ago with free codes. I've since pulled my collection off of the shelf and started entering all of the movie rewards codes. I'm already up to over 1000 points and only entered the animated classics.  While entering Dumbo I noticed the screen said that this disc was now registered and I could instantly stream it as well. What? Disc registered? What is this all about... as it may be Disney Movie Rewards lets you register any and ALL of your Disney movies. In the event the disc becomes damaged or lost you can re-order that movie for $6.95 for DVD or $8.95 for Blu-Ray. Now this is a program I can enjoy. The cost to replace even just a Disney DVD can range upwards of $20 or more on any given day, and that is Wal-Mart's cost. Sometimes kids will get a hold of the movie and may break the disc or scratch it, now there is a simple solution to this just by registering your movie. If you choose to not replace the disc, but have the movie registered in your Disney Movie Rewards Account you can also get online and stream the movie to your computer! It can't get much better than that if you ask me.

Let me get back to the rewards part of it all. You can cash in your Disney Movie Rewards points for merchandise, DVD's, Disney Events, and so much more. They also have a monthly sweepstakes they run in which you can use your points to enter that as well. I haven't decided what I am going to do with my points yet, perhaps I am looking for the perfect thing to cash them in. You can buy as much or as little as you like with your points. I just think this program is absolutely amazing. Amazing enough that I'm doing this post on it! You can also log into your account and check for coupons. As movies are released (both new and from the vault) there will be coupon issues to purchase certain movies. Who doesn't love coupons? Who doesn't love coupons for Disney Movies? I know I do! There is also a movie program you can get four Disney Movies for $1.99 each. There are so many benefits of being a Disney Movie Rewards Member, much more than just collecting points!

So for all those Disney Movie fans, collectors, and parents who love to purchase Disney movies get online and create yourself an account with Disney Movie Rewards (It's FREE to register or use your existing Disney User ID) and start earning points and registering your discs. I love the fact I can get online and check my collection, rather than stand in front of the shelf and try to mentally memorize all that I have and do not have.

So now you know a little hidden fact about me, I'm a Disney movie collector! What, you ask what am I going to do with all those movies? Well some of them get watched, but for the most part they are my way of owning a little part of Disney!

This post was NOT sponsored by Disney or any of Disney affiliates. Disney Movie Rewards is a free program you can create an online account for. 

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