Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Funny - True Story - 10/14/11

For my Friday Funny I've decided to tell a story. A story that really did happen. Back in 2006 we had a surprise snow storm, it did a lot of damage to the trees and such, but the day before I had just put out all of my Halloween decorations. As it would go the day after the storm a group of kids stole said Halloween decorations and threw a few of them in the pond that was in the park I had lived three houses away from. We had gotten some of the things out of the pond but there was a blow-mold plastic pumpkin that my Mom had for many many years and even with my rubber boots on in the pond I still could not reach it. So here I thought who has a big pole with a hook I could call. Well my swift brainstorming paid off because I thought ohhh the fire department has one of those. You know those big long poles with the hooks on them.  Yep, you guessed it I called down to the fire department down the street and asked them if I could borrow a fireman and that big long stick and explained the situation of kids stole the decorations and I couldn't reach the pumpkin still in the water. The guy on the phone was polite enough and said no problem Mam I'll send down one of my guys and a pole right now. WHEW... I could finally get the last remaining decoration that was stolen out of the water (well out of the ones we did find)

I walked back in the house to sit down and wait when I heard the police scanner going off... for FIRE with my address stating there was a person in the pond? WHAT? There is no person in the pond it's a plastic pumpkin. So here comes the fireman or should I say the ENTIRE firetruck with sirens and lights going now getting closer and closer to my house. Can you say I was every shade of red when they pulled down my street? I only wanted one guy and a stick with a hook... well now I have the entire truck and everything on it. Needless to say... majority of the firemen were laughing their asses off. I had told the guy in charge on the truck I only needed one guy and a pole.. not the whole truck. So he goes well we thought it would be fun to all come for a ride. Let me just mention that there was a tree service from Florida in the park cleaning up trees from the storm (yes I had already asked them for a long stick or something to fish the pumpkin out of the pond) and they see the truck with lights going sitting there and every single one of them are on the ground laughing!

Really... here I have an entire truck and bunch of firemen to fish out my poor pumpkin from a pond. They thought it would be fun? Can you say embarrassing when the one comes walking back from the park pond with my pumpkin in hand? I was like errr uhmmm Thank You? As they all laughed.. I can't put this down as an embarrassing moment, I can put it down as a dumb phone call moment!! 

So my blow-mold pumpkin was saved by a group of firemen! I will never forget that day... and honestly haven't put out decorations since that year because the kids kept stealing them. So I am glad to be in this new place where I can finally put out my decorations and not have to worry about them going missing or taking a swim on me!

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