Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Pants - Initial Impression - REVIEW

As part of the Mom Bloggers Club I was selected to receive a pair of Hot Pants. Hot Pants seem to be taking the US by storm regarding helping women obtain more weight-loss then with their every day normal workouts. From my understanding you do not have to do anything special other than put on the Hot Pants and do your normal work out, house work, dog walking, or anything else you might do during the day. You can wear them under work out clothing, jogging pants, jeans, or all on their own. Well today I received my pair of Hot Pants in the mail and I'd like to share my initial first impression of them!

Immediately upon just looking at Hot Pants in the package I knew exactly what I was looking at. I said to myself this is genius!! Why couldn't I think of this? See, I've had previous dealings with this material and it's uses, but never thought to make a pair of pants out of it as a weight loss aid. As everyone knows I have show horses and sometimes these show horses need to have their necks, legs, jowls sweated out to make them thinner. By sweating I mean wrapping a wrap of neoprene mix material around their neck (which of course is fastened with velcro) and taking them on their daily work out routine. The neoprene wrap will cause the neck to sweat and points of the neck to better define themselves.... halter people do this constantly! There is an aid out there to help keep halter horses looking their best that is now in a pant format to help women look their best! My gosh this product is an ingenious idea and I'm really surprised no one has come up with it sooner! So you could imagine my delight of looking at Hot Pants and the hamster wheel turning saying well hmmmm if it works for horses it has to work on people right? That is the theory I'm banking on to work or better yet guarantying it will work. It has to work, right?

I do plan on doing the two week Hot Pants Challenge... by weighing and measuring myself every single day and keeping a lot of my progress, then at the end of the challenge posting my results to Hot Pants on Facebook or their blog! I am going to give these little pants a whirl while using my Kinect work out games. I will surely keep everyone informed as to when I start, the progress, and the final result after the two weeks. Reviewers are saying that they drop two or more pants sizes in just a few short weeks of using Hot Pants. Even a few said they lost a couple pounds the first day. I did try them on today, I felt like a sausage stuffed into a skin... but also read at first this is how they are supposed to fit. I just wanted to try them on today, I do not plan on starting the challenge until I'm feeling better. There would be no sense to put that type of dedication into the challenge when I'm not feeling well and would slack off not allowing the product to get it's full use!

So look for future posts regarding my start of the two week Hot Pants Challenge!

Disclosure:As compensation for my views I received a pair of Hot Pants valued at $71.86 as part of the Mom Bloggers Club Member Hot Pants selection. Receiving this item has no one influenced my opinion and all opinions expressed are my own

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  1. Awesome Kathy! We're looking forward to hearing about your evolution!


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