Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Designs Available For Purchase - National Breast Cancer Foundation

I try to support the Breast Cancer awareness and foundations as much as I can. This year I went a different route for showing my support and couldn't be more pleased with what I did. I learned about a program Hanes was doing this year called Hanes Pink. You could design your own t-shirt to show your support for the cause. Not only could you design a t-shirt but you could upload it to the gallery for others to see and also purchase. YES! I designed a t-shirt that is now available to purchase, actually I did two designs. CafePress is doing all the printing of the Hanes Pink shirt designs. The cost of the shirts are $18 and 10% of the retail price goes directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc I was notified the other day that my shirt designs were now in the gallery and available for purchase.

Please show your support and buy a t-shirt! The $18 is a mere tiny cost compared to the cost of screenings and medical bills in which breast cancer patients incur. I've had a scare of my own last July with a lump the size of a softball, that turned out to be a major infection in a lymph node. Getting testing done and catching this cancer is imperative, so please show your support with the purchase of one of my t-shirt designs. It won't only make me happy to see my designs are liked enough to be bought, but it will make me happy knowing I am having some small impact to support an amazing foundation!

My shirts can be seen at ...

I designed the shirts on the Wow Pink shirt color, but once you get to the purchase screen you can have the shirt printed on any of the colors available - white, black, light steel, or pale pink

I thank you in advanced for any shirt purchases you may make!

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