Monday, November 14, 2011

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer - REVIEW

I have serious issues with my sinuses, up to an including even a surgery many years back to help cure the congestion I get every fall and spring time. It can be blamed on allergies, germs, or whatever you want to blame it on, but point is I go crazy over the congestion. I'm always looking for an over the counter solution that is non habit forming, eco friendly, and as of late all natural. Upon my quest to find a solution this every day issue I keep seeming to get twice a year, I was introduced to a company that makes a nasal sanitizer.  At first I was a little apprehensive about even trying something that claimed to be a nasal santizer. Because in the past I've tried it all and even it all only seemed to work a few days at most.

The company in which I was introduced to was Nozin. Nozin makes nasal santizers that kill 99.99% of germs that we breath in through our noses. It has been clinically tested and proven to do so and also lasts up to 8 hours. Nozin was specifically made to be put on around the outside of your nasal openings. This is awesome! Something I can put on the outside of my nose and not have to worry about squirting anything up into my sinuses, which mind you could be dangerous and also be addicting.

A little bit more about Nozin. Nozin is a highly effective, safe, non prescription, all natural, gluten free, and zinc free option to controlling germs we inhale every single day. It would be a welcome addition to any daily hygiene routine with it's pleasant citrus scent and ease of use. Nozin comes in POPSwabs form as well as small bottle form. POPSwaps are super easy to use, you simply take a swap out of the pack, flip it over so the swap is facing out of the holder, and then pop. Once you pop the stick you gently put pressure on the center and watch the Nozin fill the swap tip. From there you just do four circles around the outside of your nasal passages (four circles on each side) and you're done! It's just that simple for eight hours of protection from germs that could potentially enter your nasal passages.

I have been using Nozin for a few days now and have noticed that I have become less congested during the course of use. I firmly believe I was breathing in one too many germs, which were causing my congestion as my body was trying to fight them off. Since I began using Nozin (over the weekend) I do feel much better. I'm not as congested and less congestion makes me a much happier person! No One likes to walk around with congested sinuses all day... it's no fun and also hampers your taste buds to boot! I will continue to use this product at the first sign of congestion issues again.

Nozin is carried in most drug stores and most recently can now be found in Walgreens. If you would like to give Nozin a try for yourself they feature a $2 off coupon on their site that you can get here at Nozin Coupon. If you would like to read more about Nozin and their clinical research you can at the below links...

I received two samples of Nozin - POPSwaps & Nasal Sanitizer for participation in this review as part of the Parasol Creations blogger outreach program. Receiving the sample did not influence my opinion of this product and all opinions expressed herein are of my own.


  1. Kathy - we are so pleased that you had such a positive experience with Nozin! thanks for sharing your results and checking Nozin out! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have you ever used a neti pot? How did these compare to that? Because I like how the neti pot does its job, but don't always have sterile water or feel like boiling some and waiting for it to cool..

  3. Hi Sara! sorry for the late reply. Yes I have used Neti Pot - I actually use the Sinus Rinse bottle on a daily basis, but I've started using the Arm & Hammer Saline mix now. It is great for someone like me who has had previous sinus issues and a surgery to boot. But the Nozin is for during the day... after the Sinus Rinse I'll apply the Nozin

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