Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick N Tired and FED UP

I've been holding off on this post for a while.. but I can't do it anymore. Every day I get on twitter my blood begins to boil. I've come across a few posts that are hidden on message boards regarding people cheating. YES people cheat on sweeps by creating more than one email address and/or using a family member's address. I heard just recently a dog won a huge gift card on a voting contest that was voted on by other dogs? SERIOUSLY?

My bitch - you have a husband and wife team both with twitter accounts "claiming" to be each two people.. NEWSFLASH to you hosts pay attention to time lines. It's just one person... one account tweets and the other one RT's every thing the first one says or does within a minute. That is out right obvious, these two should be blacklisted from winning anything. Then you have the SAHM that sits on twitter all day long tweeting contests all the while her boyfriend is also doing the same contests. Yes, another cheater... he's not on twitter she is the one doing ALL the tweeting. I'm sorry, but no guy is going to drop the job he is doing and tweet about changing a dirty diaper, what did the baby magically walk to his job and say hey change my diaper then tweet about it? It's highly unlikely. Nice try, but you've been had.. so keep on tweeting off your third account which is so obvious by it being all of your initials. Really I'm more intelligent than your average dumbass.

Moving down the chain- then you have the ipad/tablet hoarders. You know those people who enter every single sweep or twitter party because there is an iPad as a prize.... what you don't know is they already won five or six of them! Really... please let someone else have a chance at an iPad, what is one person going to do with six of them? Oh that's right they can create multiply names and tweet in parties on different accounts off them... oh yeah that's why they keep wanting to win more and more ipads. This same theory applies to the multiply phone winners, stroller winners, baby seat winners... let me touch on strollers. Why do you need to win six or seven strollers? Do you know that if you sell them now in certain states it is mandatory you provide a receipt to show your purchased it in the first place? Why you ask would you have to do this, because stroller thefts are so high that authorities and online merchants who offer selling of your items (cough cough eBay, Craigslist) do not want to be caught up in the circle of crime of strollers being sold. So you keep on winning ALL those strollers that you don't need, because last I checked no one was pregnant with sextuplets, quads, or even triplets that has won all these strollers. PLEASE let someone else who is pregnant or has a newborn and really needs a nice quality stroller have a chance at winning one.. and back off.

Now... now we have party favorites. Why is it at a certain type of party that has high end prizes do the same circle of people always win? As far back as I can remember the same group of six folks have won the high end prizes in a certain type of party. Do some hosts really think that awarding prizes to their friends isn't going to get noticed? That awarding prizes to the same core group of people isn't going to get noticed? That going back on your rules so someone else could win a prize because the person who really won you don't want to have it isn't going to get noticed? Let me tell you hosts, for those of you not in the loop, there are auditors out there for these sponsor companies. Auditors that are watching the pattern of winners... watching the winners and their multiply accounts... agencies watching for cheaters.

Do you now know that companies who do sweepstakes promos are cracking down on people found cheating. YES you cheaters who enter everyone's information into a sweep are going to get your asses burned really soon. These promo companies are losing business from sponsor companies over cheaters who try to cheat at entering a sweepstakes. Guess what? When, and there is no if it's WHEN, you get busted cheating on a sweepstakes entry you will get blacklisted from that promo companies future sweepstakes.. and you won't even know it! So think to yourself.. wow I shouldn't have entered everyone's into that .. or I shouldn't have bought votes to win that contest... once you are blacklisted from a promo company's sweep you are blacklisted from WINNING! That means more prizes for me.. more for me the person who plays with one twitter account and one email! I could easily enter my Mom's info.. but why would I? If she wants to enter she could do it herself.. I have ethics and morals, seems that most people now a days do not even know the meaning of these two words.. I know right from wrong, do you? Do you think it's cool to admit on a public forum you enter your info and your husbands, sons, daughters, mother's, brother's too? When companies can read it or someone can cut and paste it to them? Where are these people's brains? Oh that's right they are sitting on them... because they sit on them ALL day long entering sweeps with everyone else's information but their won...

Stepping off my soap box now....


  1. Someone had to say it. I knew there were cheaters, but until you and another twitter friends filled me in on the complexity of the problem, I was living in ignorant bliss.

    I have entered two sweeps for my 12 yr old, but only after I asked if it was something he would like and after reading I would have to okay the submission anyway. (Anyone else want to confess something?). I didn't look at it as cheating, but now I can see it through your eyes. I have never entered for anyone else... with IP tracking who wants to take the chance anyway?

    I know that you want to make this a fair place, but if someone is going to cheat, they are going to keep cheating until they get caught. I like to believe there are more honest people entering. You have won AMAZING prizes, and I think it is a reward for trying to stick up for those like me that don't stick up for ourselves and all the other honest people.

    There... I think I have said what I wanted without too much rambling. Thank you for sticking up for the honest people in the world!

  2. I've caught some heat sticking up for people.. sticking up for one when a prize got taken away but the next prize same issue and that person got to keep it. Then when I stood up for rules.. rules rules rules they are there for a big old reason!! I've taken heat for sticking up for Jo.. because there is a group on there that bullies her and calls her names.. she is a touchy person, I don't like seeing that. I still up for the right things and the right reasons and take the heat for it... because I'm a strong personality.. I get a lot of heat which was evident tonight on my timeline over a conversation I said one tweet in. I can't tell you how many Dm's, PM's and emails I've gotten in the past few hours thanking me for finally writing this post... YES I stood up for the majority and YES I'll take the heat for it...

  3. That infuriates me that people pick on people! I don't know what Jo's twitter name is, but no one deserves that. I have always looked up to people that stick up for other people!

  4. Well well well I am so glad to read this in black and white... I know I mentioned something close to this on a forum but didnt go all the way because all it was was an assumption. But when I go to twitter parties Im like "really" she won just makes me sad to see this in print..that I have less of a chance of winning because I dont cheat wow that sucks it should be just the opposite right? Well you keep being strong and remeber I got your back if needed!!

  5. Well written, but very sad about all that is going on. As I have always said, I believe in kharma. Hate to think about all the cheaters, but they were surely get had soon enough. Just feel like all of the fun has been taken out of twitter and parties. @martiferg

  6. Well said. I only enter using my name and my twitter. I should have a fair chance at winning. I have done many twitter parties and noticed the same people winning in certain circles. I have also won a few things from it. But, I totally agree. Let someone else have a chance. It's so unfair.

    Great Post!

  7. P.S. My absolute favorite at Twitter Parties is the person that said Hi in the beginning and then wins the grand prize...That's the only tweet they tweeted...Uggghhh frustrating to say the least...


  8. Well you have touched on twitter parties... now lets talk about blog contests. The same cheating is occurring there and if nothing else it is worse.
    I know folks spend their time at parties (1-2 hours usually)but blog contests you enter daily after initial entry and you do it seven days a week...
    I have seen double/triple IDs- one so stupid that they used the same exact google pic (avatar) on both IDs. I see 'multiple' IDs come out whenever it is a high end prize with one doing a tweet entry right after another.

    And lets not forget blogs are less 'visible' in many ways. With rafflecopter unless they have an initial entry you dont see who is there to know if there are multiples entering. Or another nice little way to control who enters is for the blogger to 'block' entrants because they dont care for them. (defeating the purpose of the sponsor themselves getting followers)

    I have seen people not in the USA enter US only contests and use a US addy when rules state residents only. I could go on and on...

    Cheating is sad - and needs to stop.

    As for the stuff about the "IPad hoarders" etc I do know of people who make a living reselling. Is it wrong? Probably not although it might feel wrong to those who haven't won one yet.

    There is a fine line between reselling and winning/keeping 5 IPads for family members. I enter alot of blog contests during the Christmas season specifically to donate to Toys for Tots and dont know if you consider that wrong since it is in the same line of thought- but I consider it donating my time entering contests.

    Great post... but remember if you put it 'out there' you have to be able to handle the heat for doing so.

  9. Kathy, I give you a big A+ on your post!

  10. I totally agree with everything you said! Nothing's more frustrating then going into Twitter Parties and finding only the same certain group of people winning the better prizes. I imagine it's even worse for newbies who wonder why they're not winning.
    Also, I'm on a contest site where people post their wins. These people are winning way too much to be legit. I go through faithfully everyday on contests using just my account and I've never won as much as some of these users. I always check the rules to make sure I'm following everything to the letter.
    I'm always thrilled to see you win, since your Twitter Party Calendar is such a big help for me and you deserve every win you get!

  11. It's been about summed up. I don't agree with ppl using multiple accounts to enter anything. I use one twitter, one facebook and one email for my contests but i know of people who sit there all day, entering under all their families names and I do feel like it is abusing the system. You are one person and you should enter that way. I suppose there's 2 different types of sweepers, the ones who do it to "win what they can't afford" and those who do whatever it takes to win anything and everything just to turn it around for a profit. There is a thin line and I see it as greed and lack of ethics.

  12. oh and when I look at a prize I consider my household, do we want it, do we need it, could we/would we use it. If not I don't enter b/c there are people who do need/want it and why take away from their chances b/c maybe I know someone who would maybe like it or I can sell it...I just see that not everyone is as thoughtful or considerate.

  13. I am so new to twitter parties that I had no clue you could cheat. That is sad that people would cheat. I value my integrity more than any prize I would win. I think they are fun to attend and I enjoy the conversation and the information. Thank you for keeping a Twitter Party Calendar, I check it regularly. How do I let you know if see a party that isn't on there?


  14. Can you imagine the multitude of people that could try new products, if there wasn't all of this going on, it would be awesome for the companies!

  15. @Tannawings.. to touch on your comment with the rafflecopter giveaways.. what you guys don't get to see (the entries just the entry numbers) I see.. when someone enters a rafflecopter giveaway it shows ME (the person hosting the giveaway) the person's IP addy. SO yes rafflecopter is GREAT if you are legit and want to keep it legit with one name/user ID. That is one thing I love about rafflecopter. Trust me I've caught 2 people already entering under different email addresses, but same damn IP, Yeah they will get DQ'd as per the rules I post on all my giveaways.

    @Kevin - hang in there! Sweeps are time consuming and persistance is key to the payoff. I have just been lucky and blessed to have started off winning on sweeps to begin with, so I stick with it. I had just about had enough of the twitter party BS and I'm sure this post got a lot of publicity.. so maybe some people will wake up and know that YES people do pay attention.

    I try to help all the newbie party goers that are on the SSS.. I tell them follow the calendar and myself and tweet me with any questions they may have. Hopefully I've helped some out...

    Thank You everyone for the support of this post. It had to be said.. finally for once it had to be said.

  16. What ticks me off more than anything else too are people in parties they have no need to be in. Like crafting parties.. I don't do crafts so you won't catch me in them unless my sister has some special request for a craft item that's a prize or my cousin has some need for some artzy thing to draw with. The people that were in the dog party HALF of them had no dogs.. the GP didn't have a dog, why are you in a party if you don't have a dog or a pet? I have 3 dogs I would have loved to win dog food coupons or flea medication for 6 months.. yet half the winners admitted to not having a dog and were in it for the $100 visa at the end.. please get out of the parties that don't pertain to you, hosts and companies have them to draw attention to their products... if you have no use you are taking it out of the hand of the every day consumer who perhaps would become a loyal customer had they had the chance to try these items. I've come across some great companies via parties and have become loyal customers to most, I tweet a thank you to every sponsor when a prize shows up.. I've even had surprise boxes from a sponsor show up just as a thank you for thanking them and driving traffic to them

    Paula WELL SAID! Imagine how much companies would get publicity if people didn't cheat and this cheating is costing promo companies 5% in business.. 5% is HUGE to a billion dollar company. If I had my way every cheater would be banned from winning anything. One cheater got busted recently and she hasn't even a clue she got black listed from winning... they don't tell you, they just do it..

  17. Unfortunately some just don't care enough to check IPs , and as you well know, IPS arent a tough thing to get around-all a person has to do is go to the nearest WiFi spot and enter away.

    I am glad to see rafflecopter in one way... I know in the past folks using blogger rather than their own paid .com could not see IPs, they were basically blind in that respect so it does level the playing field between the larger and small blogs and does enable the smaller bloggers to 'see' if they care to look. I didnt realize it did that, so thats great. Perhaps the cheaters would back off of the smaller blogs if they knew it!

    And I didnt know there was an animal related party- I would have shown up! Guess I gotta check your calender :)

  18. Wow! Now I know why I have never done a twitter party before. Well, really it is because I dont understand how it works.I would love to win some prizes but dont know if I can handle all the rudeness you spoke of in this blog.I do agree that some people have to be cheating,for when I see people winning thousands every month it makes you wonder.Anyhow I appreciate your offer in helping us who are twitter deficient.LOL It would be nice to try it sometime.Thanks!

  19. I'm not complaining one bit about winning free stuff. I am every so appreciative of the amazing things I have won, which is evident by the posts I have done that companies have re-posted and even re-tweeted thanking me for thanking them! I wanted to win a flip for the longest time, now that I have one I have not entered for another one. If I win one ipad or a galaxy tablet I'm not going to keep entering to win another, let someone else who doesn't have one get their chance to win one. I believe in a level playing field.. and sweepstakes offer just that, they are more so a level playing field than twitter is. I've seen many of prizes award based on the amount of ass you kiss to the company. I don't believe in that either.

    Yes I do enter TTP because I have a lot of young kids in my family that all enjoy the toys they get for birthdays and holidays. You missed my point about the dog party completely.. point was they only went into the party for the $100 Visa up for grabs, not for anything dog related. Than had the balls to tweet out oh I don't want the dog stuff just the card, I have no pets nor does my family. That is what I meant.

    Why are people so concerned with what I am concerned with? Honestly, there are others that are just as concerned. Everyone wants a fair shot at winning the big ticket items as the next.. I'm rather insulted you could even say I wasn't grateful after all the appreciative posts I've done.. even thanking and linking back to the person that I followed to get me where I am now!

  20. Kathy, I have a question. Both my husband and I do sweeps. We do them at different times of the day. Wouldn't that show that it is coming from the same IP address since we are using the same computer? We are not doing each other's sweeps; we do enter some of the same sweeps, but most of the time we enter different ones. I'd hate to get DQ'd because it looks like I've entered twice when I didn't.

  21. Yes it would show that way - I don't know if there is any way around that for you, other than one per person you guys should be totally fine. It's those one per households they might DQ both of you.. just make sure to check the rules and you should be fine as long as it's one per person!

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