Friday, February 17, 2012 - Keep Your Pockets Full

In today's economy it feels good to be able to maximize your money, stretch it so to say.. in ways that were not available even as little as five years ago. Even if you haven't studied accounting at accredited online colleges, you can still be great with money. There are rebate sites, coupon bloggers, extreme couponers, and even printable coupon sites.. but what about those non-grocery store purchases? Clothing department stores, computer stores, flowers, and travel expenses? How nice would it be to have a reliable site that would be your go to for coupons for other items that are not of the grocery store nature, knowing that the coupons were put there by other fellow coupon money saving lovers? Well now there is.. this site has over 250,000 visitors per month featuring 50,000 coupons for 1500 stores.  

Let me introduce you to CouponChief is literally an online database just FULL of coupon and discount codes for everything from computers to clothing to even travel. CouponChief has been recognized by such sites as Mashable, Wall Street Journal, and Lifehacker as being a "valuable internet resource". Now they have the honor of being featured on Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life as my "GO TO" site for coupons and discount codes!

Not only can you find coupon codes on their site, but you can also follow their news feed by a "Like" of CouponChief on Facebook here , they post discount codes on their wall all day long. They do this to help you, the consumer, keep your hard earned dollars in your wallet instead of it flying out the window on products you use every day. I enjoy the thought of being able to keep my wallet fat, yet have the items in my household my family likes to have without deflating the budget.

Some featured stores that are currently active on are
HP Home Store
Best Buy
(You can use the CafePress Free Shipping Code when you order one of HanesPink National Breast Cancer Foundation designed t-shirts)

Get paid to find and share coupons with's Pay-2-share program. There are four simple steps to this program and it sounds like a win win to me! If you are good at finding coupon codes and love to share the savings you earn, like I do, then this is the program for you... as I said, four simple steps and they are outlined below could put even more money back into your pocket! doesn't just end at coupon and discount codes or even a Pay-2-Share Program, but keeps going on with a Coupons-4-Causes program. How good does it make you feel when you donate to any type of cause? Now you can shop through your favorite sites, save money, and donate to one of your favorite causes all at same time! Explained below is's  Coupons-4-Causes program. (Can I tell you how much I <3 this program)

CouponChief should be your one stop shop! Save money, Earn Money, Donate to a cause near and dear to your heart all in one shot! I adore everything about this site and was so delighted to have been introduced to it. I've spent countless hours surfing through the coupons just to see what was on there. My Mom has been in the market for a new TV and I will be sure to point her in the direction of to search for coupons relating to a new TV. They definitely are the "Chief" of coupons!!

And again, make sure to give a like on Facebook Facebook  and let them know that Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life sent you! You can also follow them on Twitter @couponchief

Disclosure: I have received monetary compensation for an unbiased opinion of


  1. Oh Yes! Loved the title "keep your pockets full" and I am really one of those who are crazy to shop but love the savings as well. MY saving spot is Coupons at And currently I'm loving Clothing Coupon Codes
    there. XoXo

  2. Hello Kathrine, I’m having fun with your article and i remembered that i used in every time i buy a school supplies. It’s a BIG BIG HELP for us, specially were on our budget last summer but all their codes are working. They offered high discount it depends on the product or brand name. However, i love the PAY 2 SHARE because they are more than anyone else LOL :) but it’s true because i made money. In my first month i earned
    $90 and after 2 weeks i earned $105. That's was amazing i can earn money while i have the big list of discounts.


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