Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soggy Doggy Doormat - REVIEW & Coupon Code

I have always had the problem of needing to keep a towel at the door for the dog's paws. This has been more so the case since moving in July than it ever was, for some reason the lawn gets extra soggy by my front door and will occasional flood when it rains. I just kept a towel by the door and made the dogs walk onto it and stand on it, this didn't really do the job as I had to clean up muddy dog prints anyways. I am about to introduce you to the solution to my wet and muddy dog paw problem. (I do find the best products don't I?) This is a really smart idea and makes me wonder if someone from one of the vet tech schools invented it.

Let me introduce the Soggy Doggy Doormat!!! Soggy Doggy created the solution to my wet and muddy paw issue, by introducing me to their doormat. As quoted from the packaging "The Soggy Doggy Doormat is made from millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together, so the surface area of this doormat is much greater than meets the eyes! It absorbs more water and dirt than a typical doormat, dries must faster (remains bacteria and order-free too!). The Soggy Doggy Doormat can hold 7x it's weight in water, yet is velvety soft and gentle under delicate paws and bellies!"

I am going to touch on everything that Soggy Doggy Doormat claims to do, because quite honestly it does exactly what it says it will! I had received the 26" x 36" Sandy Beige with Red bone doormat (pictured right) for the purposes of reviewing. This doormat also arrived at just the right time, we had been having more of a rainy season than a snow season and I was about to lose my mind washing dog paw towels every single day. The doormat is super soft.. it truly is velvety soft! The second I put it down by the door I kept walking across it and standing on it, it felt so good under my bare feet! I also could not wait to get the dogs out the door during a wet day to see how well it soaked up the water and dirt on their paws.

Well that day presented itself the night I put the Soggy Doggy Doormat at the door. It started to warm up and the ground thawed, leaving a half muddy wet mess outside that I now had to track three dogs through and then bring them back in. I normally dreaded days like this. Three dogs... 12 paws... muddy lawn... white tile floor in the door hallway.. cream carpeting.., ohh and one dog that stays up stairs with me so that's paws up the stairs.. I'm sure you get the picture that I'm doing towels every day considering we have had no snow, no freezing, but mostly rain this winter (if you can call it that) season. So began the parade of dogs one by one out the door, through the grass to go potty, then back in the door to stand on the Soggy Doggy Doormat! After all three dogs had been out, then back in.. of course and myself walking over the Soggy Doggy I was pleasantly impressed that indeed it did draw the water and dirt off their paws. I had no muddy prints in the hallway or going through the hallway up the stairs (as what seemed to be an everyday occurance pre- Soggy Doggy). When the water gets too be too much going out the front door I take the dogs out the sliding glass doors, so I moved the Soggy Doggy Doormat to the sliding glass doors and Dylan took this as an open invitation to make this his new spot to lay and watch out the doors! He is a happy guy laying on the velvety soft doormat.. heck if I was a dog I'd want to lay on it too! Where were these things when I was in Pre-K and we had a mat to lay on for our afternoon nap times? I would have been the envy of all of pre-K had I had a Soggy Doggy way back then!
Zero on the Soggy Doggy Doormat

Let me also mention all you have to do to clean the Soggy Doggy Doormat is throw it in the washer with no fabric softener or any chlorine type bleach then into the dryer on low and it's clean!! Is it just that simple.

You can purchase the 26" x 36" Soggy Doggy Doormat in a variety of colors for just $39.99 on their site, but because I love sharing... and because Soggy Doggy Doormat is such a great company I am now offering to my followers a 15% Discount Code that can be used to purchase anything on the Soggy Doggy Doormat shop! YES 15% you can go buy yourself your very own doormat now! If you have a dog, or even kids, that come through the door with muddy or wet feet this is a MUST. Use code CALMCHAOS15 anytime from now until 3/31/12 to get a 15% discount off a Soggy Doggy Doormat order!

Soggy Doggy Doormat Shop can be seen here

You might also want to check them out on Facebook - Soggy Doggy Facebook Make sure to let them know that you heard of their amazing doormats from Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life!

disclosure:I was received a Soggy Doggy Doormat for reviewing. All thoughts and words expressed here are of my own experiences with the product.


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