Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bailey Update 3/25/12

Today was yet again another stepping stone into bringing Bailey back to himself. When I got to the farm he was standing quietly in his stall eating his lunch! Did I say QUIETLY! Yes! He was just so quiet munching away on his hay. I have not seen him that quiet in a very very long time. I took him out of his stall and worked him for a little while... to which he was very well mannered and listened to my every command. He is back to walking on a normal lead line, no more chain under his chin. He walks like a gentleman and might pull a hair now and then, but he is curious and wants to see everything!

He stood quietly in the cross ties for over an hour while I brushed him, picked his feet, and combed out his mane and tail. Just stood there, with one legged rested rather enjoying his day of grooming. Not once did he try to even bite me, but would just push my shoulder with his nose. He even let me brush around his ears and pet him between his ears. This is a HUGE step in the right direction. He still has some way to go gaining more weight... but to let you see the difference in him here are some comparison pictures...

This is what Bailey should look like - weight wise. This picture was taken in 2006

This is what he looks like now. He still has a way to go gaining more weight, but he is going in the right  direction. He looks so much better and we are 6 weeks now at the new place.  As you can see he lost a lot in his rearend, and this weight loss makes him look "small". He will get there.. I have faith and am confident that by summer he'll be back to the right weight all fit and shiny.

He has that kind look back in his eyes again! That look that says "I trust you" just love me...

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