Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Of Dimes - March For Babies - Christine's Walk

March of Dimes if well known for the fundraising they do to help the research done that benefits babies that may be under developing before born or those that are born prematurely. Next month brings about their annual March for Babies campaign and their efforts to raise more money to help out more babies. I however have a special connection this year's Western New York Chapter March for Babies, which is happening April 29th, my good friend Christine is doing the walk to help raise money for such a great cause. In her doing so, I have decided to use my power in social media and help her raise as much money for the March for Babies walk as she can.

Christine has her own information and donation page on the March for Babies site and is accepting donations as we speak. She isn't asking for a million dollars here (all though that would be very kind and generous) but any penny you can spare to donate to her walk would be very much appreciated. She has done this walk for several years now and holds this cause near and dear to her heart! So dig deep into those pockets (I know the economy is rough right now) and donate to a good cause. You never know when it may be you, your relative, neighbor, or friend that might one day need the March of Dimes for something.

Donations can be done at March For Babies - Christine's Walk

and if you do make a donation or just want to encourage her for the walk you can tweet her at @UnionGirl686

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