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Feed Your Dog The Very Best Natural Balance REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Everyone knows I love and adore my dog Zero. I've also made it my mission to feed her the very best food and treats that I could possibly afford. After reading about ingredients in dry dog food it began to scare me. I've changed her food from one to the other to another and saw little to no results as far as energy and also saw a lot of weight gain. This is a dog that should be bouncing off the walls most the time she is awake because she is a Boxer. Boxers love to run, play, and just be goofy! Which has been evident based on some of the pictures I post. Thanks to a twitter party I was introduced to a dog food company that I otherwise knew very little about. I had seen their products and used treats here and there, but didn't have a vast amount of knowledge on their pet foods. But thanks to that twitter party I learned a lot about their pet foods and now here I am to pass on that knowledge to my followers about this company.

Dick Van Patten started his own pet food company naming it Natural Balance Pet Foods. Natural Balance was started in 1989 with the "intention of developing the finest, healthiest pet food on the market" Natural Balance strives to make and sell the very best of food and treats for your pets. They offer both dog and cat food. But for the sake of this post, I will focus just on their ALPHA Dry Dog Food. Many top breeders, owners, and even the Skateboarding Bulldog Tillman feed their dogs Natural Balance. Their brand, image, and products are well respected and so one can be assured that you can "Buy With Confidence" knowing that each batch is tested for nine known contaminants before it is distributed. Their line of pet foods indeed does create "The Food For A Lifetime

Natural Balance offers a line of dry food named ALPHA [the first;beginning]. ALPHA has balanced protein levels, unique fruits & veggies, prebiotics, and is completely grain free. Yes Grain FREE! Sweet Potatoes are used as carbohydrate sources to give your dog the energy they need. I find this fascinating the use of sweet potatoes in the dry food. This also is what separates ALPHA from other dry foods. You can get ALPHA in three different flavors for your dog; Trout Salmon Meal &Whitefish, Chicken Turkey Meal and Duck, and Lamb Chicken Meal & Rabbit. There are also three different size bags for your convenience of purchasing. With the combination of ingredients you can actually pronounce, but know what they are, you are indeed feeding your dog the very best. We all want to take care of our dogs.. here is a dry dog food that will keep your mind at ease because you know it's made of the very best ingredients.

For the sake of this review I was sent samples of the three ALPHA flavors for Zero to try. Needless to say and you can see for yourself in the picture she loved this food! She is the pickiest of eaters and always has been. This is a dog that will throw her nose up at food and treats because they aren't up to her standards. Sometimes I swear she is human, like a person who doesn't like a certain food or food group. In her bowl in the picture is the Lamb Chicken Meal & Rabbit. She ate every single piece of that food and then continued on to lick the sides of the bowl looking for more. But this wasn't the end of the "I Want More". She also carried her big ceramic bowl over to the closet and dropped it in front of the Natural Balance bag just to sit and stare in the closet at the food bag like the food is going to jump out of the bag into her bowl all by itself (wishful thinking on her behalf) The saying on her bowl is fitting "HUNGRY"! YES she was hungry for more ALPHA! 

Zero gives Natural Balance ALPHA dry food TWO PAWS UP! And encourages you to feed your dog the very best that Natural Balance has to offer. If my picky eater Zero loves this food I can almost guaranty your dog will to.

You can find a retailer that carries Natural Balance Pet Foods by using their store locator here.  You can "like" Natural Balance on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter @NaturalBalance Make sure you let them know that Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life sent you (and how you're a fan of my Zero)

Left - notice the nose in the bowl and how close it is to the bag? Right - here is the sit and stare at the bag look! Yes she is on Natural Balance Reduced Calorie and loves it!

Disclosure:I received samples of Natural Balance ALPHA, a t-shirt, magnets, and a coupon for a 10lb bag or larger Reduced Calorie Natural Balance Ultra as part of this review. All opinions expressed here are of my own thoughts and feelings of the Natural Balance product line.
Quotes Sources - Natural Balance Dog and Cat Food Brochures

Giveaway will run from 5/1/12 at 12:01AM est until 5/15/12 12:01am est. Giveaway prize will consist of one coupon valid for a 10lb or larger bag of Natural Balance ALPHA Dry Dog or Cat Food. Coupon will be issues straight from Natural Balance. Winner is responsible for all sales tax in their respectable state.
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  1. I have both a cat and dog so loving this giveaway

  2. I have three cats!

    Maggie Ann True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  3. I have 5 inside cats and take care of a feral colony- I also have one dog :)

  4. I have one dog

    Wanda McHenry

  5. I have 2 cats and I've heard so many good things about this brand, I'd love to try it out as it's a very healthy food choice. I hope my cats would adjust quickly and well to it if I did happen to win.

  6. I have 1 spazzy 1 yr old Aussie/Husky pup, and so many stray neighborhood cats that I might as well have 10 of them.

  7. Heather Fox5/7/12, 10:20 PM

    I have 4 hunting dogs. 2 of them have food allergies and 2 are ok but a bit on the bigger side. 2 Springer Spaniels, 1 Tree Walker Coonhound, and 1 English Setter (my latest save from a dumpster). I have fostered over 80 dogs through rescues and some on my own. I am unemployed and know it is very expensive to feed these kids, but I'd give up other luxuries of life just to take care of my dogs and save another life. I am actually expecting my next foster this weekend, making it 5 dogs in my house. The most I ever had was 8 at one time. I don't have 2 legged children, so my 4-legged babies are my life. Including 1 foster kitty with the FIV. I know she will never find a home, so she will be my forever foster.

  8. Tracey Berthiaume5/10/12, 10:55 AM


  9. Both!;)

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