Sunday, May 27, 2012

Careers For Moms To Consider

Careers for Moms to Consider 

Choosing a career can be a rigorous, time-consuming challenge that often requires continued education, extra deliberation and a great deal of effort for anyone. The task is especially difficult for mothers. If you have children, you understand the day-to-day hassle of feeding and dressing your little ones, transporting them to and from school, attending their extracurricular activities, helping with homework and just spending quality time with them. Still, it's equally important to earn a living and find fulfillment outside of the motherly sphere. Take a look at some career options that may be an ideal fit for your circumstances.


If you have a good ear and excellent typing skills, becoming a transcriptions may be the right path for you. While some of these professionals work in on-site offices or facilities, many of them are able to telecommute, which makes it easier to incorporate other priorities into their schedules as needed. Keep in mind there's several areas of concentration in this field, as some individuals prefer to work in medical transcription while others are employed as legal transcriptionists. General transcription is another subfield. 

DayCare Personnel

Since you've already got experience tending to your own children, why not watch someone else's for a living? Having your own kids will enable you to demonstrate the main qualities that are required of daycare workers, such as patience, energy, compassion, and a listening ear. If you don't mind being around children all day, this may be the most suitable occupation. 

Home-based Business

Many mothers prefer to stick close to home, especially those with newborns and toddlers. Fortunately, there's several online endeavors that'll allow you to tend to your children while making money. Most of these opportunities involve direct sales of good and services, affiliate marketing, or research. Regardless of the option you choose, it's important to remember that launching your business may take extra muscle since it often requires self-discipline, long hours, and deep concentration to establish a solid foundation.  


Eating right may be a long-term goal for you and your family as you become conscious of the impact that nutrition has on growing children. If you're extremely passionate about promoting awareness of healthy foods and diets, you may want to try your hand at being a nutritionist. Consulting with clients on a regular basis about their eating habits is the central part of this career, as well as devising clear plans of action for those who want to begin new diet regimens.  

Interior Design

Some people have good taste when it comes to visual appeal and choose interior design as their niche. Working in this capacity can afford you interesting clientele and flexible hours, as well as the chance to outline the best furnishings and other aesthetics for various homes. As indicated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in this profession continue to grow as more consumers desire remodeling that often includes eco-friendly elements and easily accessible home equipment. Many interior designers work in design firms, furniture stores, and supply warehouses. Frequent travel to clients' sites and retail department stores is common. 

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