Monday, May 28, 2012

Diamond Candles $5 Discount Code Valid Until 6/11

For those of my followers that love Diamond Candles as much as I do here is another code for you to save $5 on your next purchase. Valid until Monday June 11, 2012. Just click on the link here to get your code!


  1. whats the link for the code? everytime i click what u have above it brings me to the lemonade candle

    1. The code is in the pop up window at the top of the page, but the code no longer works

  2. You only get so many clicks before they disable the code. I'll be posting another code within the coming weeks because I have a $10 code to use on buying a candle, so that will issue another code for me to post. Sorry about that.. when I post those they go like wild fire

  3. Thanks for fixing it. We could avail for that promo again. Nice.
    Uber Promo Codes Anaheim

  4. here is an offer for buy one get one free diamond candles!

  5. here is a Buy one get one free on diamond candles :)

  6. That's wonderful :D Motel rocks is Coupon Code amazing! Just found your blog & followed you on gfc! Hope you can follow me back :D Looking forward to future posts!


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