Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recalls Plus The App That Eases Your Mind - REVIEW

SheSpeaksbuttonIn today's busy lifestyle everyone is always looking for simple easy ways to keep their family safe. For solutions to keep track of items that could effect their families well being and over all health. Such as recalls, everyone hates to see on the national news a recall for an item you have in your household, fridge, or freezer. I don't know about you, but it just sends chills through my spine going "oh no did we eat some of that or use that product". Well now a team of 10 developers, designers, and professional problem solvers just made the task of keeping up to date on recalled items 100% easier with the creation of Recalls Plus. Recalls Plus is an app that allows one to keep up to date on recalled items that could potentially be harmful to your family. This is great for those children's items, such as toys, that keep popping up on our recall lists for what seems to be every week. Now you no longer have to wait and see the recall on the news, but you can check the app and be alerted to them before hand.  Even creating a Watch List to monitor the items that concern you.

The app is super easy to use and is available on iPhone/iPad, Android Devices, or you can even just simply use it through Facebook. (How is that for technology you can create an account and your lists right through Facebook - for those of you who do not have a smart phone or tablet this is the perfect solution) I've been using the Facebook app, only because I like the bigger screen use of my computer compared to my iPhone. You can search for specific items, product categories, or just recalls in general to find current up to date recalls and what to do with those recalled items. You can also share recall information on your wall, with your friends, or however you want to share information. Invite your friends and family to sign up for the App that way they can stay up to date on recalled items as well. Share it with your fellow Mommy Bloggers or even Children's Play Groups, perhaps even scout troops!

Bookmarks and Watch Lists! How much simpler could it get for today's busy parent to keep up to date on such important information as recalled items and products. Imagine those parents who have a child that are allergic to gluten, soy, or even nut? How much do you struggle to check recalls on items that might have become contaminated with one of the above? What about toys that pose a hazard that you don't see the recalls in the news? Yes, even those items will appear on a Watch List you create or when you perform a search for the item, category, or by company even! I've had a few days playing with the app and I really like it. I like being in the "know" about what not only myself, but my family is consuming and products being utilized in homes. I make it a point to call friends, family, or even update my social media status with recalled product information that might pertain to those I love and care about. Word of mouth social media spreads faster than any newspaper article can even print! The Power of social media and an app to keep you and your family safe have finally combined into one!!

Credit goes to SheSpeaks for introducing me to this awesome new app. Recalls Plus app download page can be seen here. The Recalls Plus app was designed by SAP - a market leader in enterprise application software. 

Disclosure:This review is part of a SheSpeaks campaign I will be compensated with an Amazon GC upon completion of the campaign. All thoughts and words are of my own opinions.

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