Thursday, May 31, 2012

SkinnyGirl Skin Care Face Solutions - REVIEW

SkinnyGirl creator Bethenny Frankel has now ventured into the product lines of face and body solutions. Bethenny wanted to create a products that every woman needed, were affordable, convenient, and effective. All to which she has succeeded in doing with the creation of this line of products. Within the Face & Body line is a package of Face Solutions Kit. The Face Solutions Kit collection includes Vitamin C Face Scrub, Detox Face Mask, and Energizing Lip Shine. I've been using this kit for a week and am extremely elated to offer up my review of it!

To let you know more about the Face Solutions Kit - The Vitamin C Face Scrub has Shea Butter and Cranberry in it (oh wow does it smell good too). It's designed to "refresh and smooth" dull skin by leaving it cleansed all while washing away dead skin. The Dextox Face Mask has Cucumber and Sweet Almond Oil in it along with Kaolin. It is designed to remove toxins from your skin at the same  time white clay removes access oil. The Energizing Lip Shine has Caffine and Peppermint in it to give your lips that energizing feel! I can honestly say that I have religiously used these products because I wanted to write an honest review of the items. I've had the SkinnyGirl Cocktails, so I was just aching to try something from the Face & Body line.

The first product I used was the Energizing Lip Shine. It does indeed give your lips a nice shine and can be used both as is or over the top of a lip color to create a nice shine. It is very energizing, my lips felt a sense of renewal upon using it just as a shine. To be dead honest, the lip shine is sitting on my desk and any time I feel the need to use it, well it's there at the ready for me to grab! I love this item the most out of the Face Solutions Kit. The peppermint smell is not overwhelming at all, which is what I love. One too many times I've used with peppermint and the smell just knocked you over. Don't get me wrong, I like peppermint just not as an overwhelming smell or in a perfume!

The first thing I noticed about the Vitamin C Face Scrub was the scent. It has a very aromatic scent of cranberries with what looked like cranberry seeds in it. It truly did remind me of cranberries.. something I never thought I'd be elated to wash my face with, but I was. The beads in it definitely make your skin feel the exfoliation. Couple the previous two with the grapeseed oil and shea butter your face will feel a renewed rejuvenated feeling just after one use!

Last, but certainly not least in the kit is the Detox Face Mask. It is simply and easy to use, just apply a thin layer of the mask onto your face (avoiding eyes) and let it dry for up to five minutes then wash off and pat dry. I did just as the tube said to do, to be honest at first after washing the mask on I was a little on the fence whether or not I liked the item. It burned or at least it felt like my skin was burning, well not burning burn but it felt hot and like a sting to be exact. After a while the sting went away and my skin did feel softer and smoother. I guess you just have to get used to it or don't leave the mask on so long and wash it off sooner. Then again perhaps that was the detox sting?

All in all with the three products in the Face Solutions Kit I give Skinnygirl Face & Body two thumbs up! I did indeed like all three products and I was pleasantly surprised that the items were so good. I guess maybe I was one of those that stereotyped the label for being associated with cocktails, so I wasn't sure what to expect from a face and body line! Expect the best at affordable prices so every woman in search of good skin care products can now afford them!

You can find SkinnyGirl Face & Body products at Walmart. You can also Fan them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter @SkinnyGirlSkin

Disclosure:I received the Skinnygirl Face Solutions Kit for review. All opinions expressed here are of my own and receipt of the kit in now way influenced my opinion.

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