Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just An Update On Me

Well, seeing I've been posting a lot of reviews, offers, coupons, discounts, and giveaways I really haven't posted anything about me lately or Bailey for that matter.  Let me start with Bailey. He is gaining weight still, he has more to go.. but at least we are finally on the right path with him. His whole issue is when you turn him outside to run around and stretch his legs that is exactly what he does the ENTIRE time he is out! So he burns so many calories that I had to find something to feed more calories into him that would not make him hot and bonkers. Finally found a supplement, that has a lovely bubble gum scent to it, that promised to do just that; bulk him up while keeping him "cool". Hence the name of the stuff is Cool Calories 100. So far so good, he hasn't been on it long but you can already see the difference in the way he looks and how his coat is starting to shine. I think this week he's going to get a bath, goodness knows he surely needs one.

So what have I been up to? Seeing I've been asked by many on twitter, Facebook, and even some Party hosts where the heck have you been? My presence on Twitter took a dive there for a little while and I slacked off doing any type of posting. But, I assure you I am back and in full force (as if you couldn't tell with two giveaways running and a third about to go up) yes yes I am back to my social media addiction and interactions. I just needed a break to deal with personal stuff. Yes, that man who is in and out of my life for the past five years came back once more... only to yet again rip my heart out of my chest and run it over with his fancy corvette he bought. I just can't seem to stay away from him and it caused more emotional stress. Maybe one day I'll finally learn my lesson and walk away or maybe one day he'll get his head out of his you know what and all this childish drama will stop. We are supposed to be surrounded by friends, yet it seems to keep being friends coming in between us and interfering. I may never make sense of this part of us.. other than keep saying someone is always jealous of something or one somebody has. Case in point to the full extent here, let me say for the record I'm not the one who is jealous of anything or anybody. Ahhh but what can I do? I still love him and regardless of how this plays out over my lifetime he will be that "one" that is always in my heart no matter what.  With all that being said... my heart is broken and I needed a break.

As for the things I've won lately, nothing much at all this week. I haven't really done too many twitter parties (but I've kept the calendar updated constantly it's the first thing I do when I sit down at the computer each day) Just because I took a break, doesn't mean everyone else did... so I quietly did keep the calendar updated for all you awesome followers of mine who love that twitter party calendar.  I did win a 5 day4night trip to Montauk, NY from Bud/Bud Light! I'm just waiting for the final paperwork to arrive and then I need to pick the dates I'd like to go. Honestly, I don't want to take the trip without him... but he said he can't get the days in a row off from work! That was depressing... everyone else has their days banked up in case they win Port Paradise, so well I don't know what I'm going to do with this trip I won... I will figure something out of course. I also won a nice Mountain Bike from Labatt 52 sweep just for NY residents. Once again, waiting on the email to come and pick it up at the local distributor. Here and there a few instant win games, some twitter party wins, and of course then the luck went right down the hill. It comes, it goes, we all know how the lucky streak of winning anything works.

I guess really that is about it.. oh yeah except a job. I've been on three or four interviews and nothing solid yet. I keep putting in for positions, but quiet honestly it is looking more and more like come July 6th I will have me and Zero loaded up in the car with some belongings and off to Texas behind my friends who will then be going back home to Fort Worth. I keep fumbling this idea back and forth... do I stay or do I go? I don't know.. I'm afraid to actually. Not afraid of not finding a job down there or not making new friends... I'm afraid of leaving "him". So again it's that head and heart thing in a constant battle over what to do the closer the 6th gets. I just want to be here for my birthday I suppose, which is Monday the 2nd.. after that day I'll decide what to do.

When I decide what to do about Texas I'll surely post and let everyone know. Until my next update... !

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