Friday, June 15, 2012

Nik Wallenda Walks Into History Across Niagara Falls - Live Feed and Links

Today, the 15th of June 2012 Legendary tight rope walker Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk into history by being the first person to walk a rope clear across Niagara Falls. The hype around this event has been unprecedented! International news stations are here, a circus atmosphere has been set up, laws in two countries had to be changed! Being I can see the mist from the falls from my bathroom window I've decided to let all those that can't be here in person to see the walk know about the live feed and links for the event. The event itself starts tomorrow and runs all day, however Nik's walk won't take place until 10:15pm EST at night! YES that's right he is walking at night! Due to ABC's restrictions Nik will be wearing a safety harness while performing his walk. ABC will also have an Ariel camera over his head to record and shuttle live feed around the world. This is an exciting time for this area and is sure making Niagara Falls look good! Also, it is all great for publicity and tourism. Only a certain number of people are allowed (you had to get a bracelet) onto the island to see the walk with their own two eyes. Everyone else will have to watch on large screen TVs that have been strategically placed all over the area for viewers to watch. I, myself, have no idea where I'll be watching it. I would love to be down with the crowds and the hype, but the parking is wacky. The city is parking people seven miles away for free and then you have to pay $5 to take the shuttle down to the state park.

You can watch ABC's coverage from 9pm to 11pm on your local ABC station or live feed is supposed to be available on You can also check out our local news stations that have all kinds of stories, articles, and information about the festivities that will be going on through out the day. The local stations are WGRZ(NBC), WKBW(ABC - live stream on their landing page), or WIVB(CBS). There will be live feed on all the local news stations sites all day long of the festivities going on. I was lucky enough to see the chopper that came in the other day that was part of the crew to bring the tight rope and two other wires from Canada to the US in order to make this walk possible. As I said, Nik had to get laws changed in two countries to make this walk into history happen! Not to mention the logistics of setting up the tight rope, cameras, security, spectator areas, and parking were all huge tasks in which the City of Niagara Falls (both US and Canada) took on and successfully completed!

I can say we were lucky enough to be able to watch Nik do practice walks across a rope that was set up in front of Seneca Niagara Hotel and Casino. The rope was 20 or so feet off the ground and he would do two practice runs a day. Then he would do a press conference. What a wonderful person he is, he signed autographs, talked to fans, and was just an amazing person to have here in the area. The crowds were so big during his practice runs that there were even bleacher seats set up so people could sit and watch!

So get your popcorn ready and watch history in the making! Good Luck To Nik on his walk into History!!

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