Tuesday, June 19, 2012

StyleUnited - Find Your Style While Staying In The Know

I was given access and the opportunity to join StyleUnited as part of a SheSpeaks campaign. I've spent the past day here and there going through the site, creating my profile, and reading other content. I wanted to get a good grasp on the site before writing this review and right now I feel like I can accurately give my opinion of the site in two words ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Prior to joining  StyleUnited I had no idea what exactly StyleUnited was other than seeing the name of it in blog post headlines that honestly I skimmed through, so right now I'm ever so grateful for this opportunity to review it.  To just give you, my loyal followers, a brief over view of what Style United is. It's a style site for women that allows you to create a profile based on your skin type, hair, make up style, and fashion likes then recommends products and items that suit your specifically, this quiz is called the Style 360. You can also read up on current trends, blogs, and view how to videos from industry leading experts.


Let me back up and touch on Style 360.. There are four separate categories that you go through taking the quiz to find your style and recommendation of products based on your answers. The categories are
  • Fashion Focus
  • Mad For MakeUp
  • Skin Deep
  • Hair Affair
After going through the four sections of the Style 360(which are 7-10 questions in length each) I was pleasantly surprised at the end of them when the recommendations for each category came up, by recommendations I mean products. These products are from companies like Olay, Pantene, Cover Girl, and DDF SkinCare. The recommendations the site gave me quite honestly are already products I use! So it made me feel like I was already on the right track with my makeup, hair, skin, and fashion! It showed me that this site truly does work and tailors itself to YOU based on your answers. It really does connect women to their full style potential with the tools it offers. Well worth the time it took to do the quizzes and read through the recommended products and styles. It gave me a sense of confidence actually. Yes, a site gave me a sense of confidence. Confidence knowing I'm following all the right trends and styles and doing all the right things for my hair, skin, and makeup. 

I would like to encourage all of my female followers to join StyleUnited here, take the Style 360 to create your profile, and then let me know how accurate the results were and what you would or would not try as a recommendation. You can comment on this post with your thoughts and results. Upon joining StyleUnited you will then be eligible to win the StyleUnited New View, New You giveaway (details on the giveaway can be found here)

Dislosure: I will be sent An Olay Regenerist Skincare Starter Trio, valued at $40 as compensation for this review. Receiving this product has nor will in no way effect my opinion of the site and all opinions are of my own

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