Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As A Mom Do You Love or Snub Your College Student

Are you a Mom of a college student that goes to college away from home? Do you Love or Snub your away from home college student? Have you ever sent your out of town college going child a care package or has the thought of a shopping trip, boxing up items, and then trip to send the package deterred you from sending one? You'd be surprised at how many Moms do and do not send their college children care packages. Interestingly 87% of college students still depend on their parents for monetary support while in college and of all those away at college 88% of them get care package from home. If you are already supporting their college spending wouldn't it make more sense to send care packages of items they may need? Such items like fresh foods, hygiene supplies, linens, pens, papers, notebooks, technology gadgets.. I'm sure you get the picture! service can send your college student care packages right to their dorm rooms. Mother's can just log into mygofer and select those items their students may need to keep them healthy, clean, happy, and feel loved then simply just ship it right off direct to them. As a person who enjoys the service mygofer offers I can see how it would help Mother's eliminate the worry relating to the away from home college student regarding if they are eating right, keeping the proper hygiene, getting enough rest, having enough time to study, and having enough money to get by on. By sending them a care package, that was carefully selected using mygofer, Mother's can show their love and not be deemed a snub!

The below infographic shows some statistics of sending care packages to students.
Campus Delivery

Dislosure:I was compensated for this post. However, all opinions express are of my own

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