Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Car I Call Sybil

For anyone who saw the 1978 movie Sybil they know what she was, a person with multiply personalities. She had eight of them to be honest, each having their own name... but her legal birth name was Sybil. I call my car Sybil, probably you can guess why after reading who Sybil was. My car seems to do her own thing when she wants and when she feels like it. Sybil is also nicknamed the Shuttle, because the inside wraps around you like the cockpit of the shuttle, not to mention she is quite quick like a shuttle too! My car is no longer made (Pontiac) not only to mention it is a one of a kind in this area. There were only so many GXP's that were built and well I happen to have a white one with black chrome rims.. so she is rare. So it's not like I can just say OK sell the Shuttle and buy another one, that's not happening... finding them for sale is rare and few and far between! But here is Sybil aka Shuttle errr aka my car... and her story!

Sybil is a 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP with the 3600 Camaro Motor in here. She has a Corvette Suspension and is light for a car. So she moves and moves fast when asked to.. as you can see from the picture she is indeed a "shuttle" (nicknamed by my sister). Well Sybil has multiply personalities. She does what she wants... she throws warning lights and scrolls service this or that whenever she feels like it, then when she gets to the dealer they find nothing! She also has had a front end shake since about 400 miles, to which there are 92,000 miles on her now, that not one single dealer can seem to find out what is causing. She loves to unbalance her tires and knock the toe clips off the sway bar. But this car is indeed my favorite car I've ever owned. Not just because she is rare and pretty (hence this is a girl because only a girl car could be this beautiful) She handles the road, makes corners seem straight, and is lightning fast (just ask the troopers on the 290 who have pulled me over umpteen times) This car attracts attention, up to and including getting pulled over in Niagara Falls because the cop said "well I have no idea how fast you were going, the car just looked fast" OK bye bye to that ticket... I've even had two troopers pull me over because they were arguing what kind of car was coming at them and went by them. Just pulled over to ask silly questions or honestly to be hit on!

So last week Sybil decided that she was going to light up every single brake light for no reason. Even without the brake pedal applied, let's just light up like a Christmas tree. Then some days this wouldn't happen. Then the next day the computer starts scrolling Service Traction, Service ESC, Traction off and it would turn off the traction and stabili-Trak causing idiot lights on the dash to now go on! Ughhh OnStar couldn't get a diagnosis on this issue to save their lives! Normally they are really good at hitting that little blue button and telling me why this light is on or why this service statement is scrolling. But not this time, Sybil had struck again...

So the 4th of July just as I'm now dressed and headed to a party Sybil pulls her stunts again, on the thruway of all places. Once again OnStar to the rescue me and Sybil had to be towed to the dealer. Now the day before the dealer told me they couldn't get me in until Monday (It was only Tuesday) so I was hot! Thinking what am I going to do a whole week with no car? I have another car to drive, but that down to one car thing was absolutely insane for a few days. So to the dealer Sybil went with a LONG note on the service envelope. Now I have raised so much hell with fixing this car right I have my own Service Guy I deal just with and I deal straight with the shop manager at the dealer. This is for a reason, reason being I can not stand a man talking to me like an airhead about a car. HELLO I was raised in a GM family with drag cars and can take a car apart myself (the ex isn't too hot on this because it's not "girly" to him) but I do indeed know my cars. I know what I bought and what it should do when driven. After all, Pontiac's motto was "we build excitement" and let me tell you Sybil and I make it very very exciting!

So comes the call on Thursday morning from my service guy Steve (who's last day was Friday and now I'm all upset over him not being there). Diagnosis being... three oxygen sensors, emissions relay, main brake relay, main brake sensor, two tail light bulbs out, and two tires unbalance! UGHHH are you serious? Well I really shouldn't complain Sybil does have 92K miles on her, so the minor wear and tear I've had to deal with is really nothing. It's just this front end shake and pull...Can you fix the front end shake? Of course they tried to, once again with a 4 wheel alignment. Honestly, the ex had asked me at one point when they were doing all these alignments (we are on 13 now) were they lining up the pinion too? Ohhh I have no idea I think the service guys at this dealer suck to be honest and if it hadn't been for me finally getting service guy Steve NOTHING would be fixed. He made sure they stayed on that car and it got the top service guy in the shop to work on her. Yeah, now Steve is at another dealer and it's not a GM dealer.. what am I to do??

So here I sit shaking my head to myself again because now I have to call said dealer and bitch at them because every single chrome lug nut is now missing and has been replaced with ugly ones. They are $9 each, how did they go missing and where did these ugly lugs come from? Not only that, but it has to go back to the same dealer to repaint, yes I said RE, the hood once again. Apparently when they painted it the first time someone must have brushed up against it because it has what looks like someone took a brush full of dirt clear across the hood. This is a white car, everything shows up! So today being Tuesday... I will call and scream at the dealer so they can find me some new service guy to deal with, but after this episode Sybil is going to the dealer around the corner from me...before I lose my mind and I turn into the real Sybil!

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