Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coach Color Tag IWG Win a Gift Certificate & Help My Blog Win Too!

Ends 8/31/12

Coach is celebrating our colorful new Legacy Collection with a new project called ColorTag. Our mission: to spread more than 70 years of Coach color across the internet. 

To play simply hold your mouse over the box below, if you are an instant winner the screen will show you a Congratulations. If you are not a winner it will ask you to share the page (PLEASE share this on every social media outlet you can) Simply just refresh the post and play again! YES you can play UNLIMITED amounts of times trying to win a Coach Gift Card. **This is also a blogger contest** the blogger with the most shares of their Coach ColorTag will win a $2500 Gift Card. The more shares the higher up the ranks I go! I need all your support and of course you can win prizes from Coach as well!

Here are the Instant Win Prizes

6 Grand Prizes $500 Coach Gift Certificate

14 First Prizes $250 Gift Certificate

90 Second Prizes $100

So get to hoovering and refreshing - Help me win so you can win too!

Rules can be seen here

You can scroll down and hoover over every color! We are allowed to have more than one ColorTag so take advantage of them all and try to win!!

Disclaimer: By posting this post I am being entered into a contest to win a gift card. 


  1. If you win off my ColorTag drop a comment and let me know!! I'm curious to see how many win and anxious to see a winner. I won earlier on another bloggers ColorTag - won a GC for $100!!

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  3. I won a $100 Coach gift certificate on here tonight! It was about an hour ago...there were no comments at the time so it was probably right before that. I came back to let you know I won from your site! It came up "You've Won!" with a 5 minute count down to claim it...then said I will receive it by mail in 10-12 days. I have to admit I freaked a little, so I sure hope I put in my info accurately lol Thank you!!! :)

    1. Congrats!!! That just is music to my ears to know someone won off my tag!! WooHoo!

  4. Thanks! I had to come back to tell you, I thought you'd be excited to know! It just took me a while to calm down! So glad I won off your site! :D

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  6. I've been trying all day today


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