Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using Social Media To Find Employment - My Plea

I figured I'd throw this out there onto social media, you never know what type of response I might get from it... could be a good one, right? As some of my followers know I was laid off over three years ago by a very large trucking company because after they went on a hiring frenzy they then realized their two companies into one public merge caused them to lost half their customers right after. I was low man on the totem pole, so of course I was laid off from their local terminal. I have found it very difficult since to secure solid full time employment in this area. It's not that my resume, experience, and education are not impressive it's who I used to work for that is causing the problems (not a well liked bad reputation company) I have a car payment, horses, credit cards, and cell phone bills to pay for. (I'm starting to lose my place in the water and seem to be slowly sinking) I can't very much pay for them when blogging isn't bringing in the money to pay them so I also have to look for a full time job.

I'd really love to work for some company in their social media department. Goodness knows just look at my social media stream and you'll see I have the experience to interact on all platforms. I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with my Concentration in Management Information Systems. Had I known I'd be off this long I would have gone back to SUNY - UB and completed my Master's degree (8 classes away from). Their program is a during the day program and well I just wasn't using my head thinking I'd be off this long. My core experience is running trucking company fleets. From dispatching to company accounts receivable. I can efficiently run the ACE system for clearing freight into the United States and also know the steps and have the experience clearing freight from the US into Canada as well.

So here goes... if you are a blogger, company, product rep, brand, PR Firm, or just a person in general and you know of a company that is hiring either in trucking/fleet manager/brokerage or looking for a social media representative/manager/marketer I will willfully email you my resume so you can pass it on. What better way to search for employment than social media, after all I did just read a report on how social media is helping employers find potential employees and vice versa. I never thought to throw this out there last year, maybe I should have, but I didn't so I'm doing it now.

Any network I can connect to or string I can get pulled to assist me with securing solid employment will be greatly appreciated and I will be in debt to that person for their assistance. Please send all inquiries or references to kathyscalmtochaoslife@gmail.com

I just want to say Thank You in advance!

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