Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dressing Up My Dog For Halloween!

Do you dress up your pets for Halloween? I know a lot of families do so and take their dogs with them while taking the kids trick-or-treating! I think it is great to include the family pet for Halloween. With all of the costume options our for pets now you can literally coordinate a group costume even including the family dog!! 

I've been dressing up my dogs for years. This year due to Zero having a doggie cold we didn't make it to our dog club's contest. We went for dinner, but left Zero at home because we didn't think it would be fair if she was sick to get the other dogs sick too. Last year Zero won the WLTC Halloween Dog Costume contest with the below costume. She was not happy to have it on as the pumpkin seems to irritate her.

In previous years I've dressed my dogs up as a Princess, Vampire, Witch, and Skunk! I have just as much fun thinking of what to dress the dogs up as as I do what should I be too! It's a lot of fun now that dog costumes are becoming more and more popular with a ton of options and size available. Below are some of my dogs and their costumes!

Have fun with your dogs on Halloween and dress them up to! They can make wonderful companions for walking with the kids while out trick-or-treating!

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