Monday, October 1, 2012

Glade Expressions® Collection Spray & Oil Diffuser Kits - REVIEW

Pineapple & Mangosteen, Lavender & Juniper Berry, Fiji Apple & Cardamon Spice, Cotton & Italian Mandarin - do just reading the combination of above make you go ohhh I bet that smells awesome? What if I told you that you can have these wonderful combinations of true-to-life layered scents all while having a new home decor item to display? I bet you're hamster wheels are going full bore right now leaning off the edge of your seat wanting to hear more? The new Glade Expressions Collection will give you all of the above, wonderful scent combinations and hip home decor, at a reasonable price and can be found found in grocery and supercenter stores every where. These scents come in a spray kit and oil diffuser. Both of which are refillable, so you only need to buy the kit once.

I searched many stores to find all four scents, so I could write an honest review of them all. Some stores were sold clear out of most scents, while other were patiently awaiting on their arrival to be stocked. Apparently, there is high customer demand for these four scents and after testing them all I can see why.

Each and everyone one of the sprays lasted for a long time once sprayed; nor where any of them too much of an over powering scent. Just the perfect scent of every layered note within them. I have to admit, my two favorites are Lavender & Juniper Berry and Fiji apple & Cardamon Spice.  The Fiji Apple just fits the season of Fall so perfectly, while the Pineapple & Mangosteen seems more suited for Summer time use. I used the Fiji Apple spray downstairs and within minutes could smell is as clear as could be all the way on the second floor at the other end of the floor no less! It lasts and it smells wonderful!

The decorative oil difussers come in two different styles depending on the scent. The diffuser was the one item I had the hardest time finding. Among all the stores I visited in search for it I still only found the Pineapple & Mangosteen one. It doesn't run on electricity and needs no type of live flame to emit the scent. The scent is in a little disposable container that fits perfectly into the base. You then place the "diffuser" firmly into the base and place the wooden or white plastic side into the base sit back and enjoy. The cotton diffuser will soak up the scent in the bottom container and it will flow into the air. Honestly, no one knew this was something that emitted a scent, they all thought it was just a cool little piece of home decor. I found that if you pick the piece up and gently shake it that the scent will come back strong again. Scents tend to fade with the oil difusser and the packaging stated it should last 30 days, but to be honest I'm going on two weeks of having it and the scent is pretty much almost gone out of the disposable scent container. So maybe three weeks max you'll get out of the oil diffusers. They are nice and pretty to look at, the scent just doesn't last as long as the spray does.

Both of these items are wonderful and offer a variety of scents to fit your preference. Lately I've seen a lot of buy one get one free sales on these items along with them being on sale for $3 or less. Well, the spray has been the diffusers I am still on a mission to find another scent other than the Pineapple. I have given out coupons to friends and am waiting to here their thoughts on both the spray and the diffuser.What I like most about both these items is they are refillable. You only need one kit and can buy a refillable new scent.

Of course with every good campaign comes good coupons. I still have a few $2 off Glade Expressions Spray Starter Kit and $4 off Glade Expression Oil Diffuser Starter Kit available. If you are interested in either simply leave me a comment on this blog post with your email or you can email me with your mailing address so I can send them to you. Contact info can be seen under the Contract button at the top of this page

Disclosure: I received a coupon book containing coupons for free and discount Glade Expression Spray and Oil Disfusser Starter Kits as part of being a BzzAgent. All opinions are 100% my own.

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