Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make Your Halloween Party SPOOK-tacular With These Halloween Cocktails

I have searched Pinterest, Google, and even liquor company's Facebook pages in search of the ultimate collection of ideas for Halloween Cocktails. Now I'm going to share them with you, my followers. These are adult cocktails, so if any one of you are having a Halloween Party this year or go to one and any of these cocktails are being served or you're the one doing the serving please come back and leave a comment on this post as to how awesome or horrible the cocktail recipe was! I say horrible, because sometimes a mix of things "sounds" good on paper, but truth be told once you mix it all together and take a sip you wish you were a zombie and had no taste buds!

CHEERS to a Happy Halloween!!
Photo Credit and Recipe go to Three Olives Facebook page

by Alex Straus, Suite 700 at the Hotel Shangri-La
Vampire's Punch
18 oz. SKYY Infusions Cherry
8 oz. Lime Juice
6 oz. Cranberry Juice
2.5 oz. Grenadine
lemon-lime soda
Fresh cherries, pits removed
Wash and remove pits and stems from fresh cherries, and muddle in cocktail shaker. Combine the rest of the ingredients except 7UP in bowl and stir. Top with lemon-lime soda and muddled cherries. (Serves 12)

Photo Credit & Recipe
Blood Shooters
1 1/2 cups fresh blood-orange juice (from 7 to 8 blood oranges), chilled
6 tablespoons Solerno or other blood-orange liqueur
Combine blood-orange juice and liqueur in a large pitcher. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Pour into test tubes or small glasses.

Photo Credit & Recipe Courtesy Midori
Midori Melon Eye-Tini
1 ¼ parts Midori Melon liqueur
¾ parts Skyy Infusions Citrus
½ part agave syrup
2 parts Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
2 parts sweet and sour mix
3 orange wedges
2 fresh basil leaves
Strawberry sundae syrup
In a shaker combine Midori, vodka, agave syrup, orange wedges and 2 fresh, torn basil leaves. Muddle. Add ice and sweet and sour mix. Shake. Add ginger ale. Stir and strain into chilled martini glass that has been drizzled with sundae syrup to give bloodshot eye effect.

Photo & Recipe Courtesy Bacardi
Bacardi Zombie
31⁄3 parts Bacardi 
Superior Rum
1 part grenadine
1 part triple sec
2 parts sweet and sour mix
2 parts orange juice
Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour into a tall glass. Garnish with fresh fruit. Option: float a small portion of Bacardi 151 Rum on top

Drink Responsibly and Do Not Drink & Drive

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