Friday, October 19, 2012

Personalized Candy Options Order In Time For Halloween

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas all coupled together with Football season make it the perfect time of the year to customize candy gifts and party favors. How can one customize candy you ask? Simple - My M&M's offers customers the option to customize M&M's with Halloween themes, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even your favorite NFL Team! Pick your color(s), then your image (if you choose one), and decide how you want your M&M's packaged! Buy them in bulk or choose from a wide array of packaging options.

Put a ghost, witch, or trick-or-treat on orange, black, and green M&M's for your children's Halloween parties to give out to their friends as favors. Host a Super Bowl party in February and have the two teams emblems put onto an order and set out for your guests to snack on or take home as a favor. There are so many options one can do with a personalized M&M's order the options are limitless. Take advantage of their current sale and get your order in today to insure delivery by 10/26/12, just in time for all of your Halloween Festivities! 

I personally love that M&M's has this option available. I've received personalized gifts like this in the past, have seen favors at Weddings. In celebration of the Buffalo Bills season this year I'm going to order some blue and red M&M's with their logo on them for a football game viewing party I'm planning during December. Win or Lose my guests are at least going to have an all time favorite snack to munch on. Once I start eating M&M's it seems I can't stop! I love the peanut ones more than anything else and if I had to choose one candy to eat the rest of my life, it would be Peanut M&M's. I also collect the dispensers, each year there seems to be a new one released and one of the packaging options is the dispenser. My friends have always thought my dispenser collection was pretty neat-o. The dispenser option will be my choice for my Bills order. 

Discloure: This post is part of a brand share program I belong to. Opinions of this brand posted on this blog are 100% my own.

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