Monday, October 29, 2012

Smartfood Selects - The Bag I Couldn't Put Down - REVIEW

If there is one snack in this house that is the most wanted than another other it's popcorn. We even have an small version of an old movie theater popcorn machine that is an air popper. Normally we make a lot at once time and then bag it all in small snack bags, adding toppings to everyone's preference. When I heard that SMARTFOOD Selects -  brand new products made with natural good for you ingredients. I about hopped through a hoop of excitement when I got this campaign. I began reading up on the flavors they had released and found out not only did they make popcorn, but also puffed corn and hummus popped chips. All of which had very unique flavor combinations that I've never seen before.  

Before I get into what was in my Bzz Kit and how great the flavors were here is the information rundown on why SMARTFOOD Selects should be your snacking choice - They contain NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, Kosher, 0 grams of Trans Fat, NO MSG, and yes are made with real herbs & spices.

When the Bzz Kit arrived (contents pictured below) it contained a large bag of Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn. (I actually had a chuckle to be honest, I thought to myself wow whomever packed this box must have seen that I'm in a suburb of Buffalo, NY Home of the Chicken Wing and put that Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn in that box.) At first I laughed, then I signed because I watched other BzzAgent's postings and saw a lot were getting the Cinnamon Brown Sugar and thought for sure I'd see it, but not the case. When I posted the flavors I received it seemed everyone commented on my thread with ohhh and ahhhh saying let me know how that flavor is! Well I'm about to do just that... But first, also in the box were two smaller snack bags of Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips and Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips.  

To start with the little bags of popped chips - first I tried the Feta Herb Hummus - if I hadn't already known they were hummus chips I sure would not have been able to guess just by tasting them. the crunch factor is there, but even better is the mixture of herbs and flavors that make these popped chips so good. All I could think of was how well these chips would go on Geek Food night. Souvlaki with these popped chips on the side. You could definitely taste herbs in there, the feta however was very very subtle. If you love the strong taste of feta you aren't going to get it in these popped chips, but they are very good none the less. 

Garlic tomato Basil Hummus Popped chips was another combination I never thought I would see. Again upon eating these I felt like how well these would be for Italian food night or for Sunday dinners both for a snack and as part of the dinner sides for the kids. The garlic was not over powering nor was the basil, but just a perfect balance of both with just a touch of tomato taste. Out of both hummus popped chips these were indeed my favorite. I was a little disappointed when I hit the bottom of the empty little bag too! 

Now moving on to the biggest bag in the box and the one I was a little apprehensive trying, because I really wanted to the Cinnamon Brown Sugar, the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn. One word to describe the surprise my taste buds were met was AWESOME! You could definitely taste the cheddar, not to strong and not too weak but perfect cheddar taste that was met by just a little bit of a kick from the hotness that Buffalo Wings are so famous for. I may live in the Buffalo Metropolitan area, but I'm not one to eat hot wings. I rather prefer my wings medium and this popcorn met that heat factor. Just how I described the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn was "cheesy goodness with just a little kick of heat"! I couldn't put this bag down, literally I kept saying OK a few more and a few more. Well, before I knew it had sat here watching my prime time TV shows and half the bag was gone! Needless to say, this bag didn't last very long in this house at all. (I kind of kept it hid so no one else would it too - shame on me)

As I sit here typing this up I keep thinking about how the closest grocery store to me is open 24 hours and how a bag of the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn would sure hit the snacking crave spot right now! I'm always looking for foods that are good for me. A lot of these snack foods are full of icky stuff that is no good for you and once on the lips forever on the hips seems to apply when I ate them. BUT now I have another option, an option for snack foods I much prefer to take and that's SMARTFOOD Selects. I have gone out of my way a few times now to make sure these were carried in both Tops Markets and Wegmans here in the area. To which they are. I did find nothing but the bigger bags though (which is A-OK with me), but the bags are a little on the pricey side. I'm one of those who is all right with paying a higher price for a higher quality item, but I also like to shop with my coupons as well. I couldn't keep my hands out of the bags, that much I can admit. Good for you within moderation, well there was no moderation when it came to these very tasty snacks... because the unique flavor combinations are THAT good!

You can find SMARTFOOD Selects at most major grocers. Find out what other flavors of popcorn, puffed corn, and popped chips are available by checking out SMARTFOOD Selects website here - Become a Fan of SMARTFOOD Selects on Facebook here where they offer coupons, news, and a lot of fun!

Disclosure: I received free samples of SMARTFOOD Selects as part of a BzzAgent Campaigns. All opinions expressed on this post are 100% my own. 

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