Friday, October 12, 2012

The Good Deed That Made My Day

Every now and then someone comes along that just makes you feel, well, feel awesome! Recently I had a person like that come along and I'd like to share my story about her and how she went above and beyond and didn't have to!

As everyone knows I'm an avid sweepstakes person and also twitter party participant, which should be obvious because I do host a Twitter Party Calendar on my blog. I don't participate in every single party out there that I have posted on my calendar, but I do quite a few of them. I've won prizes and received them within days of winning and I've won prizes I had to constantly bug hosts over asking where they were. I've won small prizes like rubber bracelets, t-shirts, and snap bands and on the other end of the spectrum I've won large prizes like a tablet, laptop, and Sleep Number bed all from Twitter parties. Rarely do you come across a host that goes above and beyond when it comes to prizes, getting them to you, and fixing an issue if it is wrong. Most times you just have to choke on what you get and end of story (trust me I've had this happen and it's upsetting to expect one thing and get another)

About a month or so ago I was in a twitter party in which I had won a $25 Gift Card to the Microsoft Store. I was excited about this win because I had my eye on this wireless limited edition artist mouse with a red dragon on it to match my laptop and laptop bag! It was indeed in the Microsoft store and just a few dollars over the value of the card I had won. A few weeks go by and no card in the mail, I think nothing of this because my rule of thumb is 8-10 weeks, just like sweepstakes wins. Then all the sudden I get an email, enter in Sili (@MyMamiHood), letting me know that the gift card was put into the mail and I should be receiving it any day! Awesome, I couldn't wait! I love when hosts and sponsors keep you updated on the status of prize shipments. It can be a pain in the butt task to do, but the person waiting on the prize really does appreciate it.

Within a few days the card shows up, not only did it show up but it was inside of a cute little card with a white cat on it and had Sili's business card enclosed too. I tweeted to Sili to let her know the card had arrived and how I can't wait to use it to buy this red dragon mouse for my new laptop! Also thanking her for the card and the prize too! She seemed very delighted to have been able to send those prizes out, you can tell by her tweets. It is personal touches like the card that I love about Twitter Party hosts.

Finally I get around to getting onto the Microsoft Store site to buy this now famous mouse. How I even found out Microsoft even had these Limited Edition Artist Mice was thanks to another Twitter Party - #winchat on Tuesdays at 3pm with @Windows, @KristinaLibby, & @WindowsBlog. Do you see how Twitter Parties can unintentionally link together? I liked the mouse, but I had no use for it my desktop had a mouse already... of course enter in another twitter win from @Staples - an HP Envy Sleekbook! Once I saw it was red I knew I had to have this dragon mouse! Here I had my entire blogging on the go set up - complete with a Knomo Laptop Bag also in red (another Gift Card Win) and the only thing missing was this mouse I so desperately wanted! I have a huge dragon tattoo on my back, my boyfriend has a huge dragon tattoo that goes from his chest over his shoulder and down his entire arm, I seemed to be attached to dragons, and of course the dragon on the mouse was red! The same shade of red that matched the laptop & the bag!

Moving back to the Microsoft Online Store -  Upon check-out I can't locate a single place to enter this gift card number. I search through terms and keep reading in store use only, but look and the closest store to me that is open is in NYC, which is all ohhh about 300 miles away! The next morning I did a live chat with a MS Store rep and they too confirmed I could not use the gift card online, but in store only. I shook my head at this, this is Microsoft why can you not use their gift cards online?

So I again tweeted Sili and let her know that I can not use the gift card online and that the closest store was 300 miles away. She simply said hang tight I'll fix this. OK, what was I going to do? I had thought about maybe sending her the card back with the amount difference and see if she'd be able to get the mouse at a store near her and ship it back up here to me, but wanted to wait and see what she found out.

Much to my surprise I get a UPS MyChoice alert letting me know a box was coming on Monday. I had no idea what it was. Being a sweeper you get excited about surprise deliveries they could mean wins!! It was coming from an Amazon DC in PA and weighed less than a pound. I racked my brain thinking what win could this be! When the box finally arrived I couldn't open it fast enough to see what was inside... at this point I'm sure you can guess what it was. Sili did INDEED fix the issue with the Microsoft gift card, she bought the mouse herself and had it shipped to me with a gift note! I was floored, happy, and grateful all at the same time. I've never had a host from a twitter party go this above and beyond. I know sometimes hosts have to send prizes and pay for them out of their own pocket when a sponsor faults on sending out prizes, but I did get the original prize, it was just something I couldn't use! 

I can't say enough kind words about Sili! She is an amazing lady and I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to tweet with her through social media. Now that I have my blogging on the go set up all complete, dragon mouse included, I can hopefully attend some conferences next year. I can only hope that Sili attends some too and I can finally meet this awesome and ever so gracious lady in person to say Thank You! 

You can read more about Sili on her blog at My Mami Hood and you can follow her on Twitter @MyMamiHood  Make sure you thank her for being such a gracious person. I really needed that mouse for my laptop and she sure made that happen for me. To you Sili - if I haven't thanked you 100 times I'm thanking you again for the 101st! Thanks for renewing my confidence in prizes that get messed up. It happens and I know all too well it happens, but you gave me a new perspective on it all... I will forever be a supporter of any Twitter Party you host or co-host and will gladly put them on my Twitter Party calendar so everyone has the chance to experience the personal touches you've added to prizes that may be small, but make people smile!


  1. Wow. I have no words. Thank you so much. I was just doing what I would've wanted someone else to do for me. In tweeting with you, I knew how much you wanted the mouse and I know that feeling. I'm so glad that you received and loved it!

    Also, I found out that you can call the nearest Microsoft Store and place the order with the card and have it shipped directly to you. Now we know for next time, right?

    Thank you for making my day today!


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