Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eukanuba 3D DentaDefense Offers Optimal Health Benefits For Your Dog! - REVIEW

Are you aware that only 10% of dog owners brush their dog's teeth on a regular basis? Are you within that 90% that doesn't? Dogs of all breeds and sizes can accumulate tartar build up on their teeth which can lead to teeth and health issues as early as the age of 3! Eukanuba has introduced a product that helps your canine companion with their dental issues. I strive to find the very best for my Zero. She deserves it! She shows me unconditional love with her singing and tail wagging and I in return need to show her the same back. Dogs aren't capable of telling us when something is wrong, so it's our duty to be an offensive dog owner and eliminate an issue from happening, rather than be a defensive dog owner and deal with an issue when it does. Teeth issues plague dog owners daily and Eukanuba and the 3-D DentaDefense now offer dog owners some assistance with their dog's teeth.

Eukanuba 3D DentaDefense has been proven to reduce tartar build-up by 80% in just 28 days, helps reduce plaque, and maintains healthy teeth coupled with brushing your loyal canine companion's teeth at least once a week will allow your furry four legged buddy to have healthy teeth and gums. Not only is Eukanuba good for my Zero's teeth, but it also offers strong defenses, healthy skin & coat, lean muscles, optimal digestion, and strong bones. All of these things are things I want my Zero to have and the answer to all the above is feeding her Eukanuba. With Eukanuba you have a choice of Naturally Wild, Natural, and their regular in the black and pink bag. Their dry dog food is 100% nutritional with 0% fillers and is even backed by a 110% money back guaranty.

I was offered the opportunity for Zero to be switched over to Eukanuba well over a month ago. I waited to write this post because I wanted to make sure their claims were 100% true that this food would do ALL it claimed to do. I was provided with a black light so I could look at all three dog's teeth to see if there was any type of tartar build up. Zero had very minimal build up, well because I brush her teeth on a regular basis. As I said, I strive to give her the very best of everything.

She has been on Eukanuba for well over a month now and these are the differences I've seen in her. She has been more active, her coat his super soft from head to tail, and the minimal tartar build up that I saw previous to her being started on Eukanuba is now completely gone. As much as I wanted to get a picture showing you the before and after shots with the black light.... well trying to hold the light in my mouth while holding up a Boxer's lip and a camera in the other hand just want's working. So I hope you will all just take my "word" that trust me the build was gone. Mostly everyone knows how much I love my dogs, of course Zero being my favorite.. so I wouldn't tell a lie about a product when it came to her. If it gets my approval it's one thing, if it gets her picky eater approval that is the hook line and sinker! She ate every last piece that was in her bowl each and every time I would feed her. As far as taste value to a dog, it must be good because we all know my Zero is about the pickiest eater of a dog that you could ever find!

Below is the picture of Zero enjoying her Eukanuba ball from the BzzAgent Kit! The ball has become her favorite toy and she likes to play fetch and then tug with it. Gives her great exercise (as well as me too seeing I tug her all over the house with it) She has quite the grip on that ball when she plays and I owe that grip to her healthy teeth to which Eukanuba is now a part of! 

**DISCLAIMER - feeding Eukanuba 3D DentaDefense is NOT the only way to maintain canine tooth health, brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week will keep their teeth in optimal health**

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received the above pictured items as part of this campaign along with coupons for discounted bags and a FREE bag for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed on this post are 100% my own. 

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