Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking For Guest Bloggers, Twitter Party Calendar Sponsors & Maintenence Help! Returning To The Work Force Full Time

Are you looking to get your feet wet blogging, but don't want to start your own blog just yet? Or are you a big Twitter Party participant and love the use of the Twitter Party Calendar Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life offers? I have some exciting news if you answered YES to one, the other, or both of the above questions!

Starting January 2nd I will be returning to the work force full time. After being laid off for 3 1/2 long years I finally had my dream job fall right into my lap thanks to a close personal friend! This opportunity was too good to be true and I am forever grateful to my friend for letting me know about this job and my new employer for giving me this once in a lifetime chance to do what I love around the things I love to be around. I will not be near any social media during the day from 5:30 am until about 3 pm (could be earlier could be later it all depends). So if you have any email questions please be patient with me until I can get to them to answer you back. 

I'm looking for anyone that would like to guest blog (topic is your choice - coupons, discounts, shopping hauls, winning sweeps or Twitter Parties, how to win, what you do to keep your sweeps organized, pet product, review a product you love, or have a company that wants you to review a product and you have no blog to do so,ect). If you are interested in writing a guest blog post for Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life please email me at with Guest Blogger in the subject line along with the topic you'd like to write about and when you would like to write it. There are no minimum requirements on amount of words. As I stated my blog is your open canvas (no explicit or sexual content allowed). I will accept all blog posts via email and then cut and paste into blogger and tag your name to it (or not if you don't want your name on it, again up to you) and post it when you'd like it to go live! Once it is live I will tweet out the post and also post it on Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life Facebook Fan page. You then will have free reign to post your blog post link on your own social media sites as it will be your post with your name on it!

I am also looking for people whom would like to help keep the Twitter Party Calendar updated on a daily, every other day, or weekly basis. I already have one helper (Linda Brooks @4evamamii) who hosts and co-hosts can tweet party info to if it's a last minute add, change or edit, postponed, or any other party info. Tweet it to Linda during the day (I'll be home by 3 pm daily) She has admin authority to add, edit, and change party info. But, besides Linda, parties can at times be overwhelming to keep updated and some days I would spend hours updating the calendar every day. I'm not asking someone to volunteer hours a day, but if you would like to volunteer your time for a half hour or hour to help keep the calendar going it would be appreciated! I can teach you how to write the HTML to add, update, and edit all Party info along with adding you as an admin to the calendar page. The Twitter Party Calendar is all hand written HTML code. I will even show you how to search for parties to list on the calendar along with addition of your name and twitter handle to the calendar page so hosts and co-hosts are aware of your contributions and also who to get a hold of to add or edit party information when I can't be reached. Twitter Parties seem to randomly at times pop up during the day and I've tried my best to keep on top of those last minute adds for all my followers.

Just because I'm returning to the work force doesn't mean the Twitter Party Calendar will be gone, I am going to do everything I can to keep it up to date with parties!! I know how many of you love to win those awesome prizes from these every so gracious hosts and sponsors! I will be getting up very early every morning for work and will search and do updates first thing each morning while I have my first cup of coffee, but ever bit of help helps because there can be a ton of parties at times! Please send inquiries to with the subject line Calendar Help if you'd like to help out. Down the road eventually we can work out some type of compensation. 

If you are a company, brand, product, website, or other blogger that would like to sponsor the Twitter Party Calendar, which would make it a lot possible for me to hire someone to keep it updated all day please send inquiry to with subject line Calendar Sponsorship for more details regarding pricing or view our Media Kit on the Media Tab above. Sponsorship will include prime real estate ad location on the Twitter Party Calendar page along with other bonuses! 

In the coming weeks I will also be transferring over to our very own domain name! So make sure you keep checking back in order to update your bookmarks as the domain will be ( the blogspot will be dropped once we are converted over. This will allow us to open up new allies for reviews, advertising, among other wonderful and great things that can only be done when on our own domain.  Blogger is a free program and a lot of companies, brands, websites will not nor do they like to advertise or deal with bloggers using these free programs. 

I just want to thank my fans, followers, brands, and sponsors in advance for being patient with us, as you can see we will be hitting a few bumps in the road with updates and blog posts until I get adjusted to a new schedule! We will experience some growing pains (which is a GREAT thing)

I want to wish everyone a head of time a very Happy New Year! here is to all those wonderful things finally coming to life in 2013!!

With Sincere Gratitude, Gratefulness, and Heart Felt Warmth to all of YOU!

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