Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are Your New Year's Resolutions Still On Track?

Every year as the New Year approaches we all do it, create that long list of New Year's resolutions. Some resolutions seem to hit that list year after year after year. But, question is do you stay on track with all your resolutions or are you one that throws them out the window a few weeks into January? I wanted to wait to write about my resolutions so I can compare to where they stand now, if they've deviated from the original, or if they are totally off the list! You will see how the first resolution leads into the second, the second into the  third, and so on. All of my resolutions may have little changes in them, but they all fell right in a row like ducks leading into each other. This was not my intention, it just happened that way!

My Resolutions -
Weight Loss - to finally lose that last 15-20lbs I can't seem to get rid of. This resolutions hits the list every single year and it changes through out the year too. Seven years ago I dropped  70+lbs. Since then I  have gained 30 of it back, lost 20 of that, gained 10, and so you see the pattern. I'd like to get that last 15lbs off for good this year! That way next year weight loss will not be on my resolutions list, but instead maintaining my healthy weight will be.

Fitness - of course this one ties into the above mentioned resolution. You can't very much lose weight if you are sitting at a computer desk all day long doing no physical activity. I started a new job back on January 2nd and it involves covering a lot of ground walking a facility that is probably a few square miles large. Fitness is indeed still on my resolutions list and I'm keeping up with it, just in a deviated way from the original fitness plan. With any luck this resolution will lead to the above resolution also being fulfilled. Two birds with one stone! It works for me because I am already down 5lbs just from the walking I do at my new job. (How many can say they have a dream job that also has the benefit of helping you lose weight too, without even planning for it?)

Paying off credit cards - Thanks to the new job this resolution is also very much still on track. My plan was to have all my credit cards paid down to a $0 balance by March. This resolution being fulfilled will lead into the next one.

Paying Off My Car Loan - Once the credit cards are paid off I then plan on paying off my car loan. Once my car loan is paid off in full I can begin saving money to buy a house in a year or two.

Saving Time - Having this new job I needed to find more ways to save time. I no longer have an entire day of being at home to get every day tasks completed. I have struggled to find the balance between work, home time, and getting daily tasks done. I have a handful of hours each day to get all my this stuff done, throw in there horses need to be taken care of and ridden, cars might need to be washed, or I might want to go meet some friends out for coffee, dinner, or drinks. Can I buy time someplace? Let's not forget all the shopping too. How could I save time and get shopping done too? The answer is simply by using the mygofer service.

Thanks to the mygofer service I can save time and complete all my shopping from home. Then either choose to have my order shipped right to my doorstep or pick it up at my local Kmart store. You aren't limited on the items you can purchase using the mygofer service. They offer a very wide array of every day items such as groceries, meat, produce, cleaning supplies, and make-up all the way to higher end items like grills, patio furniture, snow shovels and even snow blowers! mygoer lets me save time by shopping their service and not going over my budget. One might ask, "Isn't mygofer service expensive?". No, they are supported by Kmart stores, which allows them to keep their prices low, competitive, cheaper than big box stores, and affordable for everyone. Shop the mygofer service today and take advantage of  10% Off an Order of $20+ with code GIVING10 good until 1/30/13 and Sitewide Free Shipping on orders $49+

As you can see all of my resolutions tied into the next. By shopping the mygofer service not only do I save time, but I save money. Money saved is money used to pay off credit cards and my auto loan. The new job allows me to make money to buy items and pay off bills, all while being physically active headed towards that fitness goal and weight loss!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by mygofer. All opinions, beliefs, and feelings are 100% my own.


  1. I am still on my goal for fitness. I love MyGofer though, even though I am a WAHM, I put in my order and my husband picks things up. It is such a long drive for me to get to a store this saves us money on gas for me driving there and I get exactly what I want because I do not send him with a list that he does not follow!

  2. I am on track for most of my goals... starting to slip on a couple. Thanks for the encouraging words to get back on track!

  3. Ugh, I'm with you, my new job has totally thrown my schedule off kilter! I need to find a way to manager better! I didn't make any resolutions though so I must be on track. lol

  4. sounds la good list and your sticking to it, having a hard time sticking to mine!

  5. I don't do resolutions. But I do make an effort to better myself through goal oriented to-do lists.

  6. Actually, for once, YES! I am actually doing really well keeping my resolution compared to other years! YAY!


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