Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life Top Ten Holiday Gifts For Girlfriends - #8 Better Homes & Gardens Subscription

Taking the #8 place on our Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Girlfriends list is that perfect gift for the girlfriend who loves to reinvent, redo, remodel, or be creative with all things in her home. What a better way to find inspirational ideas than with a year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. I personally love this magazine, I find so many good creative ideas in it that I have utilized through the year, including all of the awesome holiday ideas. There are quite a few family members of mine that would just adore this gift, because it's a gift that gives for an entire year!

I have found the perfect deal for this top ten girlfriend gift. For just $5.99 a year you can get your girlfriend a year long subscription to this amazing magazine, that is $.50 per issue. Not only will you get an amazing deal you subscribe, you'll receive Better Homes and Gardens' All-Time Favorites Cookbook ABSOLUTELY FREE!. To take advantage of the #8 Holiday Gifts For Girlfriends you can click here or on the banner above!

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