Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Training Tip Tuesday: Crate Training 101

Training Tip Tuesday: Crate Training 101

Where does your dog prefer to nap - under a table, desk or coat? Dogs feel secure in a small, enclosed space; it’s like a den to them. You can recreate that feel – and develop a healthy training environment – with a crate. The Principle Behind Crate Training Dogs like small, enclosed spaces because of the security it offers them. Crating is not “jailing” your dog, and the crate should never be used for punishment. Instead, it draws on your dog’s preference for small spaces and allows you an extra measure of control over your dog. If you practice preventative training, your dog will spend time in the crate when you aren’t around to set boundaries.Crates are also helpful when working to housetrain your dog. Dogs try not to...Read More

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