Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - My Reflections & What's To Come

As this year is almost coming to an end I've had some time to reflect on and make decisions regarding the direction of Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life for 2014. At one point I had seriously thought about selling off my blog or closing it down. In the end I made the decision that was best for everyone and it is this decions that is my ONLY  resolution going into 2014, I resolve to blog more!. My followers, sponsors, and even friends demand it - the Twitter Party Calendar has been updated almost daily (I did this quietly behind the scenes) and I just can't find the right words to THANK Jenn for all her help with the Calendar. She helped keep my Twitter Party Calendar alive when I couldn't. Simply put, I didn't have time or I just couldn't find time. So many life and path altering things happened in 2013. Calm to Chaos Life is exactly what 2013 handed me, in a double dose no less. 

The year started on a sad note with the passing of one of my Best Friend's Mother on New Year's Day. The 2nd day of the year brought a brand new job, a job I wasn't sure of what would come of, but I made it! I made it through an entire year at this job. I had to adjust my whole life - working different hours, not seeing friends as much, not being able to be a night owl anymore. This all was a major reality check to me. I wanted to show at least one of my horses this year, seeing finances permitted the extra costs now, but ended up moving my horses back to their old trainer's facility. They were being starved and it has taken months up on months to get the weight back on Bailey. I'm happy to report he is back to his old self and at a good weight too!  I made good choices and bad choices. The unexpected passing of my Best Friend, which blindsided me. I had to find it within myself to keep on moving, because that is what he would have wanted me to do. I was heartbroken, hell I still am heartbroken but at least now this heart is healing not having him here. I also lost my rock, my rock that I could confide anything in .. the rock that held my heart. I had to let go of my rock too, even knowing I was full of "what if's" and "what could be's". There will always be a spot in my heart for my rock.  Co-workers coming and going - friendships beginning, ending, and rekindled. It has been nothing short of a quadruple loop roller coaster ride of a year for me. I ended out this year moving into a new house. A house with a large yard for my dogs to run loose in! I'm still a mixed bag of emotions, from happy to sad and all that in between. I have fond memories of those I lost and look forward to new memories with those I've met and still have in my life. 

I promise to all of you to blog more, more giveaways, more Twitter Parties on the calendar! If I happen to stray off this path I know my loyal followers will gently give me a little reminder "Kath get back on the path"

From me and mine to all of you and yours Happy New Year - and here's to the best yet to come in 2014!!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2014! Happy New Year.

Katherine said...

Thanks!! I Hope your's was great!

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