Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zero's Journey To The #PerfectWeight First Two Weeks #ad

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight 10 Week Turnaround, but Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Two weeks ago Zero's journey began. The plan and goal are to get Zero down to her perfect weight of 75-80 lbs and back into agility training. After all, I have all this nice agility equipment collecting dust in my basement and this nice huge back yard so this year we plan on setting it up and using it. The ultimate goal would be to put an agility title on Zero through participation in agility trials in the area. She already has a CGC Title, but the agility title has always been just out of our reach. That truly is the end result and goal we are shooting for. Of course none of that is possible without this weight loss journey Zero is on.

Hill's Pets provided this great transition chart to assist me in getting Zero changed over to Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Dog Food.. We are now two weeks in and she is 100% on the Perfect Weight formula. My biggest challenge in this challenge was this picky eater eating the new dry dog food. She loves her new food and you can find her waiting by the bowl almost daily around 5PM Dinner time. This is surely a site I have welcomed! 

I also needed a way to track Zero's progress along the next 10 weeks and Hill's Pets provided a great Calendar tool with the 10 Week Challenge Package. It is important to keep a journal and the calendar provides tips and information relating to your pet's weight loss. Even if you aren't participating in the 10 Week Challenge with Hill's you can still participate at home with your pet. You can view and download your own calendar here to help you along your way.  You can also get a calendar and more information about Science Diet Perfect Week and the 10 Week Turnaround Challenge from a Hill's Nutritional Consultant at your local PetsMart and Petco locations.

Week 2 - Top View
Of course what would this post be if I didn't show some progress pictures of Zero. It is important to take before and after pictures and/or videos so you can physical see the change of your pet and they also help you track the progress along the way. The picture to the right is Zero's Week 2 top view. You can start to see more of a defined shape to her. Not all pets will see a physical change within the first two weeks, but I am ecstatic that I am seeing them in Zero!

It's not just physical changes but also mental ones as well. She has more energy, seems to want to play with her toys more, and moves off the patio outside now. When I come home every day she is beyond happy with tail wagging, toy in her mouth, and she sings me a song. This is my old Zero coming back to life. She is slowly getting back to her silly self. This dog is just beyond silly and those who follow know how silly she can be. I am loving seeing her so happy, full of life, and eager to play with her toys. It is hard to contain my excitement going forward thinking about returning to agility classes. I have an agility title in my sites and this goal is very obtainable as long as we stay on this weight loss path. Her health and wellness are the most important thing to me. 

Zero - Playing With Pink Ball

Zero - Out In The Snow
Zero - going through the yard

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The best thing you can do for your pet’s health is feed proper nutrition every day. The Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Formulas are available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store. Products, including Perfect Weight Dry Cat Foot and Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed Formula are also available from Pet360, with an additional discount for Autoship. 


  1. I have an overweight baby too. She needs to lose at least 7 or 8 pounds (only weighs 23 pounds now but that's too big for her breed/size). We have cut down on her food and only give her weight friendly stuff, but she is still a little too inactive. Need to get her out walking daily. Since it's hot here in Vegas I might get her little shoes so her feet don't get burned on the pavement. Good luck Zero!

  2. Pets need proper nutrition too. They can have help issues if they are overweight.

  3. Tara that is what I'm trying to avoid. Boxers are already prone to so many different issues that is why it was so important to put her on this journey.

  4. I have an over weight pug. We switched her food and cut back on how much we were feeding her. And try to avoid our children giving her people food (it happens with a 3 yr old). With the weather being unpredictable in Wyoming lately, it's been harder to get out and walk her. Soon she will get daily walks and hopefully drop that 5-8 lbs that she desperately needs to lose.


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