Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Zero's Journey To The #PerfectWeight Final Check-In Video & Sweepstakes #ad

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Just because the 10 Week Turnaround Challenge is coming to an end that doesn't mean you still shouldn't take a journey with your own pet. Hill's Pet is giving my followers a chance to win 10 Weeks of Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Cat or Dog Food to start their own pet on a weight loss journey. With six drawings left in the sweepstakes you can click the link below to enter for your chance to win. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes before you enter. 
Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Sweepstakes

Ten Weeks ago I had a couch potato named Zero. She barely moved off the couch other than to eat and go potty. Ten weeks ago I feared that Zero's weight would get the best of her. Today, ten weeks later, I have my silly girl back. My Zero, who tosses her toy box in search of her favorite pink pony, will drag her bowl across the kitchen to remind you it's meal time, and runs around the yard playing with Dylan. She may not be down the whole 20LBS that she was overweight by, but Zero has definitely lost weight. How much weight you wonder? 6LBS!!. While that may not seem like a lot, to a dog of her size it is a great deal. With the weight down her whole mental attitude changed. She no longer seems depressed.

Zero is bright, alert, and full of energy once again, She is my silly white Boxer I've had for the past seven years again. She races to the door when she even thinks you are going to get her leash! With such a harsh winter it is a breath of fresh air to be able to walk further than the corner, we actually go around the big block and the second we turn the corner for home she sits down in a protest looking the opposite way down the street. She wants to keep on walking now, as previously we'd get to the corner and the panting would begin.

Even though our journey with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Challenge  is coming to an end she will still continue to be fed Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Dog Food. Our journey to her perfect weight will still continue! Zero will stay on her journey until we do reach her perfect weight of 75LBS.

Below is a quick video of Zero - we did manage to get the jumps set up to practice, but unfortunately Mother Nature was not cooperative the past few days after I got home from work.

Beginning Weight - 94LBS
Ending Weight - 88LBS

                                             Week 1 94LBS         Week 10 88LBS

As you can see from the Week 1 and Week 10 pictures from the top view she has more of a defined shape. She is still bulky in her shoulders, that seems to be her trouble area. But her bottom line is more defined and started to look like that tucked in Boxer look. In the pictures you can notice she has on two different collars. She lost so much weight around her neck that I was able to fit her pink leather collar back on her. Where as at Week 1 she had her pink nylon collar on because it adjusted to a bigger size. 

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Overweight pets is no joke. There is no time like now to get your pet started on their own 10 Week Turnaround Challenge. You can purchase Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Dog or Cat Food at your vet, local pet specialty store, or below through the Pet360 link.

Already started your pet on their own 10 Week Turnaround and unsure if you're feeding your pet the right amount of food daily? Simply follow the feeding directions on each bag. There are feeding amounts for both weight loss phase and maintenance phase. Use of a measuring cup makes it easy to gauge if you are feeding the proper amount of Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Dog or Cat Food daily and also insures that if someone else is feeding your pet that day that they are feed the proper amount for that meal time. Use the treat conversion link posted here, on Zero's Mid-Challenge Check-In. Make sure to download the 10 Week Calendar to keep track of your pet's progress and establish a consist routine. The Calendar can be downloaded here. Take your dog along with you on your daily exercise walks. Both of you can exercise at the same time. 

The best thing you can do for your pet’s health is feed proper nutrition every day. The Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Formulas are available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store. Products, including Perfect Weight Dry Cat Foot and Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed Formula are also available from Pet360, with an additional discount for Auto-ship. 


  1. Looking good, Zero! Great job!!

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