Review & Giveaway Policy

Reviews are done on a first come basis, unless otherwise stated by client, company, person, or PR firm. Products are accepted for reviews based on interest. If I feel a product or item would be of interest to myself and/or to my readers as a review I will happily accept it, however all products or items are non-returnable once they are received for review. Each review will offer my fair, open, and honest opinion on all reviewed products, brands, items, or website. Reviews will be done in either written post format or, up to and including, videos. Video reviews can be done at the request of product, brand, items, website owner, or PR Firm if they so wish. I reserve the right to post either a written, video, or both review for any product, brand, item, or website. Each review post will be tweeted and posted on Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life Facebook Page. I can also post a link to the review on the product, brand, item, Website Company Facebook page. Please make sure to state if this is not acceptable.

Acceptance of products or items does not constitute in any way shape or form any type of contractual obligation between product/item owner and Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life Blog.   Products or Items sent for a review will be considered a gift or sample.

Website reviews are offered on a monetary compensatory basis. Due to them being intangible, as an object, all website reviews will begin at $25 and up. Base cost will be calculated based on the number of links, pictures, texts requested by the client. I reserve the right to say "No" to certain websites being asked to review.

All written reviews will be written by me, Katherine Kennerly. All guest bloggers to Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life will disclose at the beginning of their review that they are a guest blogger. Each review will include at the end a disclosure statement relating to the type of compensation, sponsorship, and/or gift received in order to properly compose said review. If there are certain statements you would like put into a review please make sure to state those items in written form (email) quoting who said the statement. All quoted items will be disclosed within said review. I must also be given permission to use pictures, texts, videos, logos or the alike in order to compose a review.

If you have any further questions or have a product, item, brand, or website you would like Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life to review please send your inquiry to:

Promotional Campaigns such as Giveaways will be conducted inclusive of product, brand, item, and/or website review. Giveaway will use Rafflecopter's widget as the means to enter and will run approximately two weeks in length, unless other wise stated by client. Client has the option of sending myself the giveaway object or having me forward the winner's information direct to them via email.  Giveaways that DO NOT consist of a paired up review will start at $20 and up. Monetary compensation will be based length of links, pictures, number of tweets per day, and/or Facebook post. Multiply giveaways may be offered at the same time, a sponsored giveaway does not constitute exclusive rights to my blog. I reserve the right to say "No" to any giveaway.

Promotional giveaways will consist of multiply tweets per day, Facebook posts daily, and or a Pin It to Pinterest.

Campaigns consisting of travel can be arranged for a fee. Said fee will consist of cost to travel (fly or drive), hotel fees (if applicable), and a day expense fee. "Fees" will be based on actually cost of travel, hotel, and cost of living at the time. Please email for more information and pricing regarding promotional campaign traveling.
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