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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bailey Update 3/25/12

Today was yet again another stepping stone into bringing Bailey back to himself. When I got to the farm he was standing quietly in his stall eating his lunch! Did I say QUIETLY! Yes! He was just so quiet munching away on his hay. I have not seen him that quiet in a very very long time. I took him out of his stall and worked him for a little while... to which he was very well mannered and listened to my every command. He is back to walking on a normal lead line, no more chain under his chin. He walks like a gentleman and might pull a hair now and then, but he is curious and wants to see everything!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Secretariat & My Bailey

Time freezes when Secretariat comes on TV. I stop everything I am doing and watch and watch and get goosebumps all over again. The story of a horse that did so much for a woman is extraordinary to say the least. Penney Tweedy fought for what was right, she choose to not live her life with what if's or what could be. She taught so many of us lessons we needed to learn, back in the 70's women in any type of male dominated industry were looked down upon and belittled, but Penney kept her head held high and knew her horse was the one that could get the job done.  I was not even born when Secretariat won the Triple Crown, he won it on June 9, 1973 I was born a month later on July 2nd, but through my life I heard a lot about this big red champion that was called the Super Horse of racing. He was big, red, and beautiful. He did strange things that set him apart from other horses. He also had the heart of a champion that was three times the normal size of a race horse heart. This extra large heart is what allowed him to move as fast as he did, it pumped blood three times faster through his body. This heart gene also passed to his offspring, but genetic testing has shown that it mostly past to the fillies he sired and not the colts, but it is possible? Anything is possible..
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