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Friday, July 22, 2011

20th High School Reunion Weekend

It has been talked about for years and years and finally the weekend is upon us for my 20th High School Reunion. Just saying 20th makes me feel old, but truth be told I was one of the youngest ones in our class. I probably should have been held back to start school for the following year, but my Mom managed to get me into school early. This weekend is packed of activities to do and I'm sure I'll make a fun time out of it!

Going on right now is a Golf Tournament, then tonight there is a beer blast fundraiser at a local bar, tomorrow brings the formal dinner at a county club in the area. What makes it all that more exciting for tonight is the Canal Festival is going on (huge local festival here) and of course the bar is located right by the fest and there is a Bike Cruise Night/Show too. To go off topic for a minute, I just LOVE bike cruises. I love them much more than the Car shows, you see some pretty amazing and beautiful bikes from all around the area at this annual bike cruise!  What better way to enjoy some old friends with a cocktail and walking around looking at all those bikes!

So to an extent, yes I will be kind of disappearing this weekend to spend time with friends I have not seen in years upon years and to spend time with those friends I am fortunate enough to have kept in contact with all these years.  I have to admit if it wasn't for Facebook I probably would not have come back into contact with a few friends! Thank You Facebook for allowing me to find those people who were in my life previously and bring them back into the present!
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